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The JOP bigbagband
The JOP bigbagband
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JO Philippe
Noisy Nights (silent night)
Peak in sub-genre #3
Isotope (take #2)
Peak position #88
Isotope (Joe Henderson) #1
Peak in sub-genre #4
Where is the BIAB ? (part I)
Impromptu #001 (2007)
Peak in sub-genre #45
Hello, Thanks for comming here, I began to play the saxophone in the early days of year 1995, right after turning 25. I am self-taught and I wish I had some lessons - but I end-up giving up playing 3 years later due to hard schedule, family ... (the usual story). Guitar is an older story and it is really a love & hate relationship. I think I played very bad for the first ten years. When I switched to saxophone I completely gave up. Listening to jazz changed my approach to the guitar. Lots of leak in my playing of course. Can play decently at times though. For some reason the circumstances give me now the occasion me to play the instruments again - though not intensively. I enjoy playing both actually (gtr and sax) but do not have a band. Still schedule issue (nahh ... that is a really BAD excuse ...). What I publish here is no more than just noodlings. Hope you'll enjoy it though.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I regularly play live in my living room, more rarely in my office room.
Your musical influences
Here are my heroes: the usual suspect jazz cats : Coltrane, Wayne Shorter, Miles, Hancock, F. Hubbard, E.Dolphy, Bill Evans (p), Tony Williams, Dexter Gordon, Dave Liebman. More recent "jazz" musicians I like are numerous, e.g. Andy Sheppard, Steve Coleman, to french guitar Player Marc Ducret ... There are many. Last but not least: I have a very special admiration for this incredibly novator and one-of-a-kind british guitar-player called Allan Holdsworth. every curious guitar player should check-him out. Also I dig some pop very much. Songwriting is definitely a art on its own : Divine Comedy/Neil Hannon, Björk, Prefab Sprout (Paddy MacAlloon is a very underrated songwriter IMO), Scott Walker (an amazing talent) ... Enjoy a lot of older progressive rock as well (Floyd, bands from the Canterbury scene ...) ... and many rock/blues bands/artists ssuch as Deep Purple, Rush, SRV, Robben Ford, Van Halen, Steely Dan ....
What equipment do you use?
ts = Yanagisawa T880 / STM 7* / reed=2.5 usually ss = Semer SA80-II / Selmer D / reed=2.5 usually mic = Shure SM57 I use an old (and not very good) electro-acoustic guitar but pick-up the sound with the SM57. Digital recorder BOSS-BR600 - use the built-in effects. Audacity for the mix + additional effects.
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