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Young Son born Terrell Dwayne Batson has been writing since the age of 8. From poetry to songs he started to develop a passion for the art of music. Grew up in
Young Son born Terrell Dwayne Batson has been writing since the age of 8. From poetry to songs he started to develop a passion for the art of music. Grew up in San Francisco in the Bayview, Hunters Point where violence occured often. Growing up in this environment alot of young men were naturally drawn to the street life including himself. But as God would have it and the prayers of his mother, Terrell would eventually give his life to the Lord at the young age of 15. Not neglecting his gift of writing he started writing about his life and past experiences that made him the young man of God he was. Without cursing he expressed his emotions through his talent and adopted the name Young Ghost (Gods Humbly Ordained Spiritual Teacher). He has been through many different groups without his journey. He started with a group called The M.O.G (Men of God), with another member from his church. Then ws put into a group called The Way with two other guys in the ministry, Inferno and Kay2. Later changing the group name to Proper Dosage. After going there separate ways when he was 19 he stopped rapping for a while due to discouragement and doubt. But the passion never left he and he soon return to what he loved to do under his own faction GFAM (Gifted for Anotha Ministry). At that time he had written two full mixtape that he never recorded. Feeling like he was at the end of the road he decided to make a change lyrically and step it up a notch. Which started with the name change to Young Son. From age 20 to 21 Young Son had written over 2 dozen songs of continued preparing himself for his mixtape that was slated to be called State of Emergency Vol.1. With the support of his boys, Young Son and a close friend of his (Crossver of Lyrical Opposition) started an indie record label intitled "Forever A Movement Entertainment" F.A.M.E for short. Since then he has changed his mixtape from State of Emergency to The Rising of The Son Vol.1, which will be one of three installments in "The Rising Chroncles". Project funded by himself along with the FAM (Forever A Mob) he is looking to release all the mixtapes before the summer of 2008, then dropping his solo album intitled...... (haha can't tell you) Please do not mistake Young Son as a "Gospel Rapper". He is simply a rapper... "I don't rap for people in the church cuz they already saved! I do it for the people in the streets who don't see a way out, cuz that's where i came from ya dig?" ....who expresses himself through what he believes, and how he lives. "I'm just waiting for that big break, in other words waiting on God if that's his Will for me. Shout out to everyone in our genre who influenced me, Easop the pioneer to me, BC, Inferno, K Two, 316, Mike, Sevin, Spec, Cross Movement everybody. Keep it Movin! My closest homies The F.A.M: Crossover, Ba$$, KritaCal, D Hood, J Lev, Marc, C.Hu$tle keep ya head up. People who inspired me before i was a Christian (never forget where u came from) 2pac, DMX, Jay-Z, Nas, Lil Wayne, No Limit Recordz lol (real talk tho they was hot at one point) and before all of the names above i do it for a name above all names and thats My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of my faith. As i said i used to be Young Ghost the Prince of the City but i changed it because a Ghost represents they spirit of the deceased. Now that i've died to my old ways and habits im risen as a new creature such as Christ did on the cross. He died and gave up the 'ghost' and rose as the Son of God again, i ain't saying i'm Jesus, oh Noooooo! I'm sayin he was the perfect example of my life therefore I had to died and give up Young Ghost so that the Young Son could live. I am a Child of God, a Son of God. Still the Prince of the City but more now the Son of a King. God Bless."
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. In Local Areas. If You Want To Book Me, Contact Me @ ForeverAMovement.Com
Your musical influences
God, Jesus, Life, Struggle, Love And Haters.
What equipment do you use?
Pro Tools LE
Anything else?
Check Me Out @ ForeverAMovement.Com
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