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Brazen Of Knotty Phabrix
Brazen Of Knotty Phabrix
Garden State, NJ  USA
November 02, 2007
1,143 plays
Brazen Of Knotty Phabrix facebook/brazenofknottyphabrix myspace.com/chozespokenofknottyphabirx myspace.com/knottyphabrix myspace.com/knottyphabrixbeats facebook.com/basshedz
Band/artist history
Brazen Of Knotty Phabrix. 1/3 of the New Jersey arsenal of Knotty Phabrix. KP members consist of Choze Spoken, cutting edge rhymer and hip hop's newest up and coming producer , Johnny Aces, street rapper with monster skills on the battle field, and Brazen, a lyracist with deep lyrics, original instrumentals and flavor to make the average listners focus on the message being relayed. Brazen Of knotty Phabrix now gives the opportunity to listen to a sneak preview of Book Of Daniel here on soundclick for your listening pleasure. Listen or purchase this original mixture of hot beats, in your face lyrics, and stellar production. Book Of Daniel, enjoy
Your musical influences
My influences stem from all artists from all genre's that has displayed originallity, skills, and love for the craft of MUSIC. Throughout history, there has been an influential figure or figures that have made an impact on listeners, fellow artists, and the generation in which they reside. Unfortunatly, that aspect of the "artist" has been worn, whethered, and outcasted. We've done it all, so much to the point that everyone has a recycled flavor to there music, whether it be club jams, bling rap, gangsta shit, battle rap, love tracks, etc...I'm not saying Knotty Phabrix are the new one's but if we can influence the one to elevate and lead, than job done.
Anything else?
Cupids Art Of War -- Coming Soon!