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Blakka P
Blakka P
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Blakka-P is a solo artist but he has worked with many musical groups throughout PG. county Md. Blakka's latest group collab was with the group The Ill Commission on The Family Business mixtape on Hygrade Records. P has also been featured with the Low Casualty artist out of MD. The Midnite Marauders, and the group called Da lynx, also out of Maryland.
Band/artist history
Blakka-P aka "Da Lion," was born in the West African nation Sierra Leone. His birth name is Prince Olu Olox Amara. Blakka-P arrived in the United States of America with his parents and older sister before he was two years of age in the great state of New York. Living In the home of rap, the South Bronx New york, Prince started rapping at a young age, amongst friends and peers who shared the same love that he did for music. By the age of sixteen, Blakka had already done countless shows up and down the east coast, United States of America. Even opening shows for Legendary reggae entertainers such as Beenie man and the Shocking Vybes Crew. Blakka-P has also been an opening act for entertainers such as the Prophet Capleton, as well as Anthony B. He continually performs whenever he can. Blakka-P is an exceptionally gifted, and versatile artist. He has mastered the ability to intermingle Hip Hop Rap and Danchall Reggae so well, that at times one does not know which genre of music he is listening to. The kid is very sharp with his Art!! He is going to be an an Xtreme problem for the industry when they see what he brings to the table. His style is so unique and so original that it is to difficult to compare him with another artist, Dancehall or Rap. Blakka-P is truly in a class of his own.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I perform live whenever I can, wherever I can. I love performing live, you get the best feedback on your songs from a live audience. There have been 2 many special moments in my musical career to mention here, but one of my most memorable moments was when I opened up for The Prophet Capleton, and Anthony B. in Baltimaore, Md.
Your musical influences
Blakka-P's greatest influences have been The "Almighty King Of All, Jah," his parents; Olu Olox Amara, his father, and Empress Daisy Victoria Davis his mother. Musically Blakka claims to be influened by every musical artist before him, every genre of music ever created, and the sounds of nature itself.
What equipment do you use?
In my home I use an MXl 990 Mic, and adobe audition to record. At the big studio, Protools is still the truth.
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