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Krazy K-LOE
KRAZY K-LOE: Krazy K-LOE and K-LOE Productions has brought in a new Producer Mr Mewzik look him up on soundclick he well worth his Production. DJ, MC, Produc
100 songs
22.2K plays
What You Want Part 7 - K-LOE
Beats Composed by Krazy K-LOE & KASHLO of KLOE MUSIC
Beats Composed by Krazy K-LOE & KASHLO of KLOE MUSIC
What You Want (Part -8) - K-LOE
Beats Composed by Krazy K-LOE & KASHLO of KLOE MUSIC
Zop - K-LOE
Beats Composed by Krazy K-LOE & KASHLO of KLOE MUSIC
Yester Year - K-LOE
Beats Composed by Krazy K-LOE & KASHLO of KLOE MUSIC
If you like any beat contact K-LOE at krazykloe333@gmail.com ATTN: Krazy K-LOE Beats
Band/artist history
KRAZY K-LOE's GENERAL HISTORY: DJ Krazy K-LOE started DJing in 1989 mixing tapes and records in his basement. Grasping business sense of music, he soon started mobile DJing for schools, weddings, and private parties. In 1994, K-LOE moved into music production when he started work with rising MC's in the Seattle area on underground Hip-Hop projects. During this time Krazy K-LOE developed K-LOE Productions/Studios. In 2000, Krazy K. recorded and mixed Emory Liu on a critically acclaimed piece "Grey" found on the Cream of the Drop compilation released by ZeroBPM. In 2002, K-LOE teamed up with Foolchild of Fuzzy Lounge Recordings, and started the group Beat Collision. Both workings as a production team, featuring acclaimed artists MC Certified, MC Insight, Jasmine Riley, MC Aksion, Chris Hayward. In spring of 2004, came the released of Beat Collision Vol. 1. In the July of 2005 Axed Productions released a short film Beatrix and the soundtrack was produced by Beat Collision unreleased. In Oct. 2005, Krazy K. & Sir Osis released The Untitlists album Insomnia, unpublished. In December of 2006 Beat Collision released Beat Collision Vol.2 The Mix Tape. In November 2007, Seth released Ascenions Of Seth produced, engineered and published by Krazy K. and KLOE Music. December 2007, The Untitlists released The Great Northwest, published by KLOE Music. March 2008, The Untitlists released K.L.O.E. Radio's Drunkin' Poets. Then in May 2008, The Untitlists released project Black, EP. In October 2008 The Untitlists released What We Do, produced by Krazy K. and published by KLOE Music. November 2008 Krazy K-LOE released Dawn Of The 100th Monkey Vol.1, engineered, mastered and published by K-LOE and KLOE Music. In February 2009, The Untitlists released Burton Streets, produced by Krazy K-LOE. June 2009, The Untitlists released Back Road Remixes, remixed by K-LOE and published by KLOE Music. In August 2009, K-LOE released Confessions Of A Freestyle. Jan 2010, KLOE Music released Dawn Of The 100th Monkey Vol.1. In April of 2010, Dawn Of The 100th Monkey Vol.2 produced by Krazy K-LOE. In July 2010, Dawn Of The 100th Monkey Vol.3 and Vol.4 and double disc. August 2010, Dawn Of The 100th Monkey Vol.5. The Unreleased Sessions Of The Untitlists project #9 the final Untitlists release was October 2010. In November 2010, Krazy K-LOE released Midnight Train Mixtape, an inst LP/Mixtape. Jan 2011, Krazy K-LOE completed The Collector's Mixtape featuring collabo's and remixes a LP/Mixtape. In December 2012 Krazy K-LOE produced 3 albums completing his 50th studio production and first solo album in 8 years. Also producing an EP by his current group Logic Minds. A R&B, Jazz, Hip Hop, Funk group from Moses Lake Washington. Jan. 2013 K-LOE released two singles by Lord Emperor Justice and also released and produced a EP of Poetry based music with L.E.J. in Feb 2013. In March 2013 Krazy K-LOE was a featured Producer and Co-Producer on a EP “Shadows In Light” released by Seth. Sept. 2013 Logic Minds released there first album “I”. In Jan of 2014 Krazy K-LOE released a concept Album called "Dead Fields". Following that he released a compilation of projects produced by Krazy K-LOE featuring Artist around the world. In June of 2014 Krazy K-LOE connected with The Talkative One to start a three Album Project to be completed by Oct 2014, it was called "The Connell Connection" by The Talkative One. Then in Nov. 2014 Krazy K-LOE released the first Album of an ongoing project called "Liquid Vinyl" these are a collection of world wide projects and singles produced by Krazy K-LOE featuring Artist of all style and levels of music around the world... Currently Krazy K-LOE has released Vol.5 of "Liquid Vinyl" and will continue to do more, also just finished a Project with Logic Minds on there Second Album "II" soon to be released in summer of 2015... K-LOE's DJ & VENUES HISTORY: Krazy K-LOE has DJ performed at EMP Liquid Lounge, FuzzyLounge, K2 Skate Competitions, UW parties, The Rainbow, Catwalk, Ballard Firehouse, Habanas, Vashon Island Strawberry Festival for 8 years, Isle Wild for 4 years, and many other venues. While working with artist in the studio, K-LOE has produced many compilation CD's, mixtapes, and has over 80 albums of content featuring over 200 artist, DJ's, Producers, Rappers, Singers, Songwriters and Bands. SOME OF THE ARTIST K-LOE HAS FEATURED: Jennifer Newberry, Slick D., Jeff Coast, J-Rebel, MC Insight, Jasmine Riley, Drew Tuel, Chris Hayward, MC Insane, On-One, Foolchild, DJ Sandman, D-Roc, MC Aksion, Napom-Dre, Kublakia, Marcileon, CJ, Andy Clark, J.T., The Foundation, Love and Fussion, MC Jester, Sir Osis, DJ MattintheHatt, Three Tops, Jake Bain, Ian Bradley, Emory Liu, Justice, Tatsu Sweet, MC Seth, Scotty G., Pat Bennion, D-Roc of Wolf Pack MC's, DJ Squirt, Komodo, Jedd Creek, Square One, In A Sense, DLabrie, Amity, Outlaw, OG Royality, zRy Productions, Beat Collision, C.J.K., CatoKysim, The Untitlists, J. Swizzy, MC Kase, Marcileon, Seven, Chronotics, J. Freshna, Polymath Slide, Temperature Control, The Prime Selection, Dist Most, Thoughts Of A Single Man, Sathin, Boogie Man, Wik'd, Lil Ben, Savior, 333 Productions, Logic Minds, Sathin, Mike Canfield, Al Bell, Lil Rachett, URG7, Kila Skil, Delyric Oracle, Kareless, Back Burnna Ent., RLM Ent., World Wide Collaboration Fam, O.T., Aztek, 333, Omega Oryan, AM PM, Tight Flow, Trill Cut, The Talkative One, Rage, Slaughter House Boyz, Biosphere, Foreign$, J. Paw, Shady Folks, Graphic One, Savior, and there's just to many to list from the last 24 years.
Your musical influences
I love all music but, I mostly listen to hop hip and jazz. I have many styles of music in my collections, of records, tapes, and cds... Strange Music, Grandmaster Flash, Herby Handcock, Grover Washington Jr., Nat King Cole, Dr. Dre, E-40, Snoop Dogg, Tool, Rage Against The Machine, 311, DJ Krush, DJ Shadow, Sade, B.T., Orbital the list goes forever...
What equipment do you use?
[STUDIO HARDWARE] 2 Tech Turntables, 2 Korg Drum Machines, Yamaha Keyboard, 2 Boss 202 Sampler, Pioneer CDJ1000 (CD Turntable), 2 Fostex Digital 8-tracks, Mackie 12 channel Mixer, Vastex DJ Mixer, 2 Sony Mini Disc Recorders, 2 Condencer Mic (vocals & inst), 7 Shure Mics, Digi Tech effects box, Aliesis limiter/gate/compressor, BBE Sonic Maximizer, Sony Dual Tape Deck, Tascam CD burnner, Thermal CD Printer [STUDIO SOFTWARE] Sonar Producer 8 & X1, Sony Acid Pro 6 & 7, Sony Sound Forge 9, Steinburg Waveslab (editing and mastering program), Sony CD & DVD Architect Pro 5.2, Steinburg Cubase 5, Ultra Mixer, 3 External Hard Drives (3tbs- Loops, Samples, Studio Recordings, & 3000 VST Instruments & Effects) (NOTE: I'M A COLLECTOR) [SPEAKERS & MONITORS] QSC 6000 watt amp, 2 Yamaha 15'-n-horn, 2 Soundlab 6-n-horn, 4 Mackie Studio Monitors, Crown 500 watt amp, 2 KLH towers 3way speakers with 2 - 12' speakers 4' mid and 2' hi end (Prefect for the studio)
Anything else?
K-LOE IS LOOKING TO COLLABO. IF YOUR INTERESTED CONTACT K-LOE AT: krazykloe333@gmail.com ATTN: Krazy K-LOE Beats K-LOE will supply free beats if contacted and asked by any artist, upon request only....
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