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We been on the underground scence for years.We got something for everybody. Its more then music we really live it.You gotta get money to do dat paper dance its our single for all my hustlers.some people love it some hate it, but if you gettin money you can relate. its the easiest dance ever just put a stack in your hand and fan ya self ,then rock wit it, and grab ya pants.They go crazy when they play this in da club get wit it.Do your paper dance,and submit it to youtube i might throw you a stack or put you in the upcoming video
Band/artist history
Real brothers Ace Kane and Fred Da Boss also known as the T.u. Reps.They have been part of the underground scene for years, and have opened for E-40, Too Short, DJ Quik and a plethora of Bay area artists. The band is busy working with A&R Select, the hottest indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA, to heat up promotions and anticipation of the forthcoming album. A northwest tour is also in the planning stages as well as scheduling for national showcases. When this workload isn't dominating the T.U.Reps schedule, the guys are hard at it writing and recording new music. We can't stop writing. Our brains are constantly moving ... We record every chance we get. The booth is like a second home. Hot tracks from the new album include paper dance I5 and Leave and much more
Your musical influences
everybody we listen to everything west,north,east,south