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Chilli is a MC, Graphics Artist, Producer and CEO of Smokey Records.
Chilli is a Solo Artist, also 1 of 4 members of tha Goon Squad, Member of Fine Line, and CEO of .
Band/artist history
David "Chilli" Stambaugh was born in Frederick, MD 1987 and loved hip hop music ever since he was a child. in 1994 at the age of 7 Chill and 2 of his cousins started there own rap group called the "Brats" and done small shows for friends in the neighborhood. "I'll never forget staying up late writing music and hanging out with my cousins, we always made up lil raps and recorded in a small tape recorder with other music in the background. that was probably the best time in my life, just had fun... no real work." As Chilli got older he became more serious about his music and wanted to take it further. in 1997 Chilli and his cousin Paul "Runt" Gilbert went back to square one and started their own group called "Smoke Doggs". "Wow, Smoke Doggs... ha-ha back then we thought we knew it all, still recording in that same old black recorder. I think we did pretty well though for just being kids. We worked hard and sold our tapes to people around the neighborhood." Soon after that Chilli and Runt knew they had to do something to get better equipment but with their age it was very difficult. But Chilli eventually got a winter job shoveling snow in Washington DC at the age of 12. about a year later Runt began to work with him. "That was one job I HATED worked sometimes up to 2 - 3 days straight, some winter we even had to take breaks every half hour so we wouldn't get frost bite... yea it sucked but it was money." Chilli and Runt eventually got enough money saved up to buy some home studio equipment, and Chilli was always learning as much as he could about the music business from copyright to marketing. In 2004 The Smoke Doggs came out with their first Album on CD and sold about 500 copies. "That was one of the most exciting times in my life, it felt real good to finally have a well put together product to sell." In 2005 Chilli and Runt decided to change their group name to "Fine Line" "I felt as we were getting older Smoke Doggs, just seemed to much of a childish name and we needed some different and new. We actually came up with the name the summer of 2005 while we were walking down James Street and I was looking down at the sidewalk and I wanted to name it something to deal with that street because we practically grew up there. So as we were walking the small line in the sidewalk gave me the idea of Fine Line... I just kind of came to me." Later on in late 2006 Chilli had been producing music for alot of MC in the area and Travis "Yung Trav" Lyles one of Chillis close friends he went to high school with came to him one day about recording with him and some of his people. Chilli said "yes" and they set a date to start record. Chilli then met up with Deshawn "Stack Billi" and Vic "Tragic" and they began to record together almost every night. Tragic came to them one day about making a squad of solo MC and colab on a track together and Tragic came up with the name "Goon Squad". "This was kind of like a resurrection for me, because I wasn't in the rap game for a while and them we all started rapping again. Actually I don't know if I would be here right now if it wasn't for Yung Trav." Then Chilli produced the first track with Tragic in early 2007. In August, 2007 Chilli Moved from Frederick, MD to Annapolis, MD about 2 hours from his original home and that is when he started making Smokey Records into a business. "I was greatly in debt at that time and I felt I was going no where staying in Frederick so I moved to Annapolis to get my head straight and concentrate on my music. Smokey Records was basically a label I put on my CDs and Mixtapes since day one, and I thought if I could come up with a creative way to help everyone back home and myself, its worth a shot." Smokey Records is now growing rapidly and so is Chillis fan base.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Chilli has not yet done a live performance but will very soon in the future. "I can't give out to much details just yet but there will be a Smokey Records Concert."
Your musical influences
"Everything and Everyone around me. everytime Tragic, Stack Billi, Yung Trav, Runt, and KoJak everytime they come out with somthing hott it makes me want to do one better. They help keep me on top of my game."
What equipment do you use?
Magix, Philips, Shure, Some Duet with Music and Make N Music Brand Products, Hewlett-Packard, YAMAHA, Mackie, and SoundCraft.
Anything else?
go to Chillis MySpace at: Add Chilli to your friends listen and comment on his music. Also, go to Chillis Pure Volume page at: Listen to his music add him as a friend or click to be a fan.