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Styles MC
Styles MC is one of the most versatile rappers to hit the scene in the history of Hip Hop. His production consists of sound and rhythmes from classical days gon
7 songs
32 plays
4. House Beat (Original mix)
3. Break Out (Rock Out mix)
3. Still Bassin' (Original mix)
A hardcore Drum n bass sounding track with vocal remixes soon to come
1.GhostStories(Originalmix)-StylesMC 850879
Ghost Stories (Original mix)
Styles MC is the greatest thing to ever happen to HIp Hop
Band/artist history
Born in Lusaka, Zambia on the 4th June 1980, Styles MC; aka Malenge Terence Ngondo. Lived and studied there until he moved to England in 1990 for study purposes. He completed his General Certificate in Standard Education at Bedford School, Bedfordshire in 1996 and remained there another two years to complete his A- Levels. Although never deciding to take up music academically Malenge maintained great interest in music spanning a collection of over a hundred albums. On his trips back to Zambia in the mid to late 1990s he managed to fit in a fair number of DJing gigs (a hobby of his) and did his first vocal performance with his brother and MC, Dangerous Guy aka Your Daily Bred, at Zambia first major Hip Hop Competition The Million Kwacha Rap Contest in October of 1998 hosted by Chisha Folotiys ( TV Presenter, Carte Blanche in South Africa and owner of Tiyende Magazine and Mondo music major brands in Zambia). This also allowed Malenge the opportunity to do radio interviews and skits on Radio Phoenix (the largest radio station in Zambia). Going back toUniversity in England in January 1999, Malenge focused mainly on his computer studies Djing only occasionally at the local Hall of Richmond International University in London and on some occasions West End London clubs, but there were no vocal performances to be seen for his dark and dastardly alter ego Styles MC. During the years 0f 1999 to 2004 Malenge still continued to write music and lyrics, writing songs for friends in College bands and Styles MC material but his own stuff was never recorded until he returned back to Zambia in September 2004 Since then he has gone back to his production and song writing routes producing over 150 tracks over the last 2 years. Sounds includ Hip Hop, R n B, House, Trance, Break Beat, Garage, Drum N Bass, Jazz/ Swing, Reggae and Pop. (The release of any legitimate materials so far has been spoiled by vocal tampering as caused by equipment problems in Zambia.) Though he has chosen to release 'The Demo' first (a compelation of tracks from his first 5 albums), His first Dance record, Ascendance; and his first Hip Hop and R n B double album Ghost Stories Vs Radio are now set to be released before the end of 2007. Critics claim there’s been nothing like it. Album releases have been held back my more than a year due to piracy and theft of the BSE studio but the Styles wear range is available for the purchasing of Polo shirts, T- shirts, Caps and ladies body tops. We should expect and album release in November 2007.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love to play live unfortunately things aren't so good right now but I love the rush
Your musical influences
Just music in general, I'm into everything from Hip Hop, R n B, House, Drum n Bass, 80s Pop and a whole heap of classic soul and other musics
What equipment do you use?
PCs, mixers, keyboards, etc
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