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Hunty Gabbe
Hunty Gabbe
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Encuentros De Amor Y Muerte
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Born March 4 , 1963, in the caribean port of Tela, Honduras, HUNTY GABBE started guitar practicing in 1980 at the age of seventeen. He opened as founding member of KHAOS, premier rock band from San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in his country. By early 1983 he joined STORM as bassist, having there his first professional experiences in the music scene. In October of the same year he met Oscar Rossignoli and Denis Delgado, former PHOBIA's rythm section, and managed to organize EL POP. After a short while Delgado left the band and was replaced by Mauricio Emerson. With this line-up they went on to reach a respected status as one of the most important bands in honduran rock history. Almost 20 years of recording, touring and performing activities left print in 5 albums and 6 promotional singles, many of them proven hits in national radio and some international listings as well as the internet. Always a very active musician, HUNTY found time to get involved in many side projects that included some of the most interesting bands, soloists and orchestras from the North Coast of Honduras, like MAIZ, GUILLERMO ANDERSON & COLECTIVARTES, ONEYDA de AMERICA, CARLOS SABILLON, SONNY & FERNANDO, ESENCIA and MOISES CANELO, just to name a few. He has worked also as producer for many rock bands like SIGMA, UTOPIA, LEONORA DURAZNO, LA CUSTODIA, VA-K MUERTA and LIBELULA. In the last fifteen years he has become one of the most recorded session players in Honduras. He was also an active member of the PROYECTO TEATRAL FUTURO between 2002 and 2004, being in charge of the music and special effects for their live performances. In January 18 2004 HUNTY GABBE presented at the CAS theatre his first solo effort, a musical play called "ENCUENTROS" that mixed theatrics and live music, choreography and lightning, creating an artistic collage that proposed to sensitize our soul on one of the biggest problems of our times: AIDS.
Your musical influences
Main influences come from the 60's British rock and Southamerican folk and rock scenes (Argentina,Brazil) as well as european avant garde bands like PFM,Can,The Cure,etc.
What equipment do you use?
Fender,Yamaha,Ovation,Godin and Ibanez guitars, Yamaha keyboards and effects, Alesis SR-16 drum sequencer,AKG and SHURE microphones.
Anything else?
You can visit the ENCUENTROS official webpage right here in Soundclick. Just click to www.soundclick.com/encuentros. Also visit www.soundclick.com/elpop.
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