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The End Times Band
The End Times Band
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The End Times Band, Australian band, Rock n Rollers we play a few loves songs, intsrumentals & power house rock n roll...
Good Lovings on my Mind
Stepping through serious revelations and ongoing encounters with Christ Jesus Jesus is Lord! King and God! The End times Band got saved!
Band/artist history
A core group of long time players writing together over the years as well as on our own. There have been many names and band structures, such as mixes of different people! I'm not going to stop writing or wanting to so i'd imagine it will continue to evolve.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We don't play live yet, but we all have & love it, it's the biggest rush i ever had! In the video above original End Times members from left to right.. . Lorry Simpson (lead) Paul O'Brien (bass) Chris McKenna (drums) & myself hiding in the corner. After painful deliberation there will be no more Gigs with the above line up those members of the End Times Band have been disbanded...
Your musical influences
All the old stuff Supertramp, Beatles, Pinkfloyd stuff like that!
What equipment do you use?
ZOOM MRS 1266 / WIN AMP & PLUG INS / AUDACITY / Wav Lab stienberg / Yamaha Driven by Gibson
Anything else?
Time for an end to war!