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Tammy Michelli
Tammy Michelli
I am Tammy Michelli, I have always loved music and I have been wanting to go to school for music for sometime now, but I haven't had a way yet, so while waiting on God to make a way for me to go to school. I began to teach myself music theory and composition. I don't have much talent, but it doesn't matter because God can use even a little talent. I love the lord and my mission is simply to create music to glorify the lord.
Have you performed live in front of an audience? Any special memories?
I do not play live. I love being a recording artist because I am very shy in person.
Your musical influences
All of the artist on the KSBJ radio station and on "The Message" (satelite radio station), my mother, my sister, my oldest child (age 14 and totally blind), and my music minister
What equipment do you use?
Shure SM58, audio buddy and an Asus Sound Card and some composing software.
Anything else?
While my favorite spot is my studio my favorite place to be in the presence of the Lord; whether in prayer, praise or at church.