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Raw grimy Western Sydney Horrorcore/wicked shit/death metal. Vocals Laced with Morbid offensive rhymes & Lyrics about death and all things dark, touching on su
UPRAW DOWNUNDER HORRORCORE, from the outskirts of western sydney, formed in 2001 with one mother phuckin member, UPRAW, enjoy this sick farkin shit!!!!
Band/artist history
Summond from the Depths, the very pits of darkness found in every soul on earth, UPRAW's been Brought Forth, Guided by his Infernal Master, known by many Names world wide, he has one mission, to spread his Morbid, Offensive , frankly evil messages to the minds of the mass's, openin up some eyes, and maybe making some wish there's would close forever, welcome to the dark world UPRAW. Upraw has been spitten shit since atleast 2001, his music is heavily influenced by horror and horror movies, especially 70's/80's slasher flicks, there is definantly a strong metal influence in his music. Upraw has appeared in a few metal bands appear on aussie metal compilations and soon to appear in a uk metal mag for one of his main projects. UPRAW produces/records/mixes all his music, all guitars, bass & keyboards performed by Upraw. There has been 4 demo's at this stage TRIAL & TERROR ep 2001 , DEAD HOP lp 2003 & HELL'S COLLECTION lp 2007 & BEYOND REDEMPTION lp 2009. The whole BEYOND REMEMPTION cd can be downloaded for free from this ;link http://rapidshare.com/files/216407030/upraw_-_beyond_redemption__hk2_.rar ,
Your musical influences
Icp, necro, scum, Kid crusher, dyad souls, mc bushpig, mars, marz, bedlam, prozak, project deadman, blaze ya dead homie, twiztid, amb, abk, anal blast, cephalic carnage, blood duster, the berzerker, and loads more
What equipment do you use?
Sticks, tin cans and a wobbleboard,(Just f*ckin around)
Anything else?
All New Upraw on the way, due 2009, get ready !!!!! ****NEWS JAN 2009**** All new Upraw track just added "THEY WANT YA BRAINS" check that eerie death metal rappin shit out!!!!
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