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Alternative Pop / Modern Rock Band from Indonesia, Always looking thru the Good Side, Never Give Up!!!
We are a pop-rock band from suburban Jakarta. We formed four elements in music : Endi - Vocals Benny - Drums Angga - Guitars Pay - Guitars Reza - Bass What Defines Us : -Upbeat drums & Strong bass -Drop-D tune & Modern riffs -Effects & Distortions -Pad & Synthesizers -Pop Melodies & Catchy Refrains. -No standard song arrangements. -Indonesian lyrics (and looks!!). -No T-Shirt and Sandals on Stage. What To Do : For further info, please contact us by : -email to contact@diariumband.com -phone to +628176081101 or +6221-92920253 For more updates, please join us and check this profile regularly! or visit our website at : www.diariumband.com For booking, sponsorship & management deals, etc., please use contacts above to get info from our friendly house staff. Thx for all your kind support. We'll see you soon. Out Now for free download : 2009 Sample "Aku Bukan Dia" & "Bagian yang Sempurna"
Band/artist history
Diarium means a place full of diary, but is not an English word. To us Diarium is where we will always be ourselves, through the memories of everyday, together, in a journey lasts forever. The band formed since late 2005, by founders Endi and Benny. They quickly started making music, by the end of April 2006, Diarium released their first EP called âœAku Tak Kembaliâ쳌 (I Wonât Return). But the album didnât come through because the band members wereânt commintted enough to make it a success. After recent break-ups from the band members, now in 2007, Diarium is releasing their 2nd EP called âœJangan Pernah Menyerahâ쳌 (Never Give Up), with new member Fani on Guitars. Blending the mix of pop tunes, piano, strings and delays with emo/pop-punk beats, distortions, pad and synth sounds. Now in 2008, Diarium has found its new form with an even stronger team, ready to set a new standard of modern rock/alternative music.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes, we've played live. It's always been a wonderfull experience, where we united with the audience to become larger than life. One special moment is where we played live for a limited number people from other bands who played too. But we collide and unite without boundaries like competition or sucking up and anything like that, so we all enjoyed our gig and especially diarium can give its best to everyone on and off the stage.
Your musical influences
Hard Rock, Grunge, Classic Rock, Emo, New Wave, Alternative, Indie and all together as one diarium music.
What equipment do you use?
Tascam Mixer, Cort Guitars, Boss Effects, Digitech Effects, Yamaha Stage Cusom, Paiste Cymbals, Talk Star Mics and Ableton Live Music Software.
Anything else?
Please Write your comment about us on the message board.
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