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Dustfactory is a collection of people and dolls who make noises. The band consists of: Morgan, guitar and vocals, Jasper, vocals and high voltage, Pascal programming and beats. They work with guest singers on this new album including Hana who featured on the Dustfactory album Dollseye. The second album is currently under construction.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
No live gigs yet ...... but we plan to play live soon.
Your musical influences
add n to x, air, aphex twin, atari teenage riot, avalanches, barry gray orchestra, beast, beastie boys, beck, bentley rhythm ace, bill drummond, bjork, brian eno, broadcast, captain beefheart, cocteau twins, david byrne, delia derbyshire, devo, django reinhart, dub, electro-acoustic music, electronic music, eric satie, experimental music, frank zappa, gary numan, god speed you black emperor, goldfrapp, gorillaz, happy mondays, james brown, jane's addiction, jimi hendrix, johnny cash, joy division, julian cope, kim deal, klf, kraftwerk, kraut rock, leonard cohen, led zeppelin, massive attack, nina nastasia, nirvana, orb, orbital, philip glass, pink floyd, pj harvey, pop will eat itself, portishead, prodigy, primal scream, psychedelia, public image, punk rock, scott walker, serge gainsbourg, skinny puppy, smashing pumpkins, spacemen 3, spiritualized, squarepusher, stump, the breeders, the clash, the damned, the doors, the fall, the k foundation, the pixies, the young gods, tom waits, tricky, velvet underground
What equipment do you use?
G5 mac, Logic, Minimoog, SG and LP guitars, Plugins, Old Tins, Anyhing that makes a sound.
Anything else?
What do you want?