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Dem LRR Boyz
Dem LRR Boyz
3 Tracks
Smooth, Energetic, Crunk, Hype, Hard Work, Dem LRR Boyz, Mississippi, Hip-Hop, Brookhaven
Ready for a Up-Tempo, Young, Energetic, Smooth Band. Well they are finally here. Dem LRR Boyz.
Band/artist history
Dem LRR Boyz Driven by rollicking club-friendly energy and luscious grooves, the R&B and hip-hop stylings of Dem LRR Boyz is a powerhouse musical experience. Rhythms vibrate their way into your body while the words talk their way into your brain. In the end, you are wholly possessed by the potency on tap in the songs of Dem LRR Boyz. Emotionally Charged Part of the reason Dem LRR Boyzs music has the impact it does (besides gobs of talent within the groups membership) is that these artists want the audience to feel the emotional charge and positive vibe that the members of the collective experience as makers of music. When the folks on both ends those making the music and those hearing it are on the same wavelength, then music has reached its ultimate potential. And Dem LRR Boyz is a group that maximizes musics power and abilities. Heart Tons of people can turn out a song but theres a huge gap, insists Dem LRR Boyz, between simply cranking out a tune for a singer or musician to buy and toss out into the pop arena and putting ones soul into songwriting and creating real art. Anybody can make a song, according to Dem LRR Boyz, but artists make music. Music isnt just an attempt at growing a cash cow or conjuring a little sparkle to stroke some egos not for Dem LRR Boyz, anyway. These artists make music out of passion and desire and with a need to connect with fellow humans through musics communicative powers. The Artist at Work Dem LRR Boyz have opened for 8ball and MUG at Club OHara. The group recently wrapped up its promotional tour and a new album has been announced. Draft Lottery will be released in February of 2008. Dem LRR Boyz are currently working with A&R Select, the hottest indie A&R firm in Hollywood, CA. Dem LRR Boyz are obviously excited about making music. And theyre obviously talented. Both of these things are self-evident; how else could the listener feel this kind of excitement unless the music is that of artists with skills and love? A&R Select
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We perform live on a regular basis. We are currently ending our promotional tour of 6 states. We love entertaining all ages. We have won numerous talent shows and events througout the south.
Your musical influences
Influences to us is first of all God, and then the fans!
What equipment do you use?
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