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Dump (GA)
Dump (GA)
Macon, GA  USA
October 23, 2007
139,816 plays
Band/artist history
Dump is the sizzlingest name in the realm of hip-hop. Better be prepared for an onslaught of potent beats and burning hot melodies, all topped off with remarkable vocal skill and lyrical mastery. Dump is the new horizon of hip-hop and the music industry will forever be different after the appearance of this top notch artist. Giving Us Soul Soul is for everybody, not just a few, superhip individuals. And the tool to use to impart soul unto all of us is music. Its that simple. Find some great music, jam to it and the soul will arrive. So says Dump. Music gives us soul, he declares. This is true in particular with his unique variety of hip-hop, which bristles with passion and engaging ideas. True The source of good music is a true self. Plain and simple. Dump believes that the key to quality art is an honest, forthright creative process and thats exactly the sort of thing that spawns the irresistible songs Dump creates. Stay true to yourself and your music. Different Inspiration comes when something original appears, says Dump. The simple act of hearing someone do something interesting and different with music sparks his own muse and the creative ignites. Just hearing music thats different inspires me, Dump says. Any new song that is out makes me want to go and start recording. The Artist at Work Dump has put his head together with the likes of Asylum/Colipark artists Kadalack Boyz. Hes the lead member of hip-hop group Mac-City, which hails from Macon, Georgia. Hes hard at work on his solo album with writing and recording going strong. He records, mixes and writes his own material and also offers his service to others.
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