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Sonja Perenda
Sonja Perenda
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Mezzocontralto singer meeting Rock Opera.
"SONJA PERENDA: ROCK-PERA?" (Chris West, Skope Magazine). Sonja Perenda is a Rock Opera (= "Rock-Pera") singer from Austria and entered the show biz more than 10 years ago. It all started with a spontaneous performance in Vienna at the early age of 14 and her ever-burning passion for performing was born. Sonja Perenda has released her debut album,Time Has Come. The album now is available for purchase on iTunes and includes three bonus tracks. It is a blend of big vocal lines, catchy melodies, heavy guitars and classical influences. The album already has received amazing reviews from several magazines, including Skope Mag and Ravenheart Magazine, and has received regular airplay on radio stations all over the globe. Genre blending is nothing new to the music industry. But some genres appear completely mutually exclusive, seemingly defying the prospect of blending and so diametrically opposed in styles that one would never imagine a marriage of the two. Innovative types tend to see similarities where most of us see only exclusivity. Such is the case with Austrian singer Sonja Perenda, whose blend of classic vocal technique with contemporary rock, has led some to label it operatic rock. With six years of working and writing behind her, what has emerged is a collection of Sonjas emotive lyrical matter melded with heavy rock and metal riffs. Think one part English opera and one part metal instrumentation, with an almost Trans-Siberian Orchestra-like backing. Sonja Perenda has had the chance to tour through Europe and the Middle East, playing shows in places such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon and Kosovo. She has been performing in front of the UN-soldiers at the camps in Kosovo and Syria and has been performing at major festivals in Austria and Germany. Artist & Lawyer? Aside from her musical activities, Sonja Perenda also is a law school graduate, which was prompted by her heart always beating for the people on the shadow side of life. She currently is a practicing attorney in Austria. At age 16, Perenda started her special charity concerts: Shows in front of the homeless people and in jails all over Austria and Germany. Thanks to my second profession, I definitely know that there is no clear border between good and evil. No black and white here, but a million shades of grey. In this spirit: Lets rock the jail! Perenda said.
Band/artist history
SONJA ON STAGE Sonja Perenda is in the show business for over 10 years now. Her music career already led her through Europe and the Middle East, to places like Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Dubai and the Kosovo. She has been performing in front of the UN-soldiers at the camps in Kosovo and Syria aswell as she is constantly taking part of major peace festivals just like the Peace-festival in Augsburg, Germany, the Festival of Nations or the Voice of Peace-galas in Austria. Also major local festivals love Sonjas stage presence, such as the DONAUINSELFEST in Vienna (Austria) or the annual festival on Austrias National celebration day. Currently Sonja is touring with her "Orient meets Occident" - Show through Europe and Middle East. Its a show where East meets West, its a mixture of western and oriental music, language, and dance. Be sure to visit this unique show and let yourself being enchanted! SONJAS COMMITMENT IN CHARITY Others being in pain and need always caught Sonjas attention. She never was a person who closed her eyes when it came to offering help. Today Sonja is very active in Charity concerns because there help can be obtained for people who are not as lucky as we are. Sonja co-founded a non-profit-organisation called Helfer mit Herz - Voice of Peace, named after her song which is a call for letting peace, respect and tolerance into our hearts. Voice of Peace collects benefits for people in need, such as: -For the people living in the Waldviertel in Austria in 2006 after a horrible flood had caused a human catastrophy. -For the homeless in Vienna who are in danger of freezing to death in the cold winter. Voice of Peace could collect enough money for buying thermo covers for the homeless. -For children in need, especially children who have/had to face domestic violence. Voice of Peace organizes one special day for those children where they can be just themselves, free of all their paineven if its just for a small moment in their lives -Sonjas charity concerts: Besides her regular shows, Sonja constantly gives concerts in front of the homeless people and concerts in jails all over Austria and Germany. These shows are always something special. THE VOICE OF PEACE The second aim of Voice of Peace is to spread the word of peace, respect and unity between people of different nations. In the end, we are all human beings of this world, and this planet belongs to us all. Different cultural backgrounds should never cause boundaries. If we all could manage to tear down these boundaries in our hearts, what a wonderful world this could be! Or to say it with the lyrics of Sonjas song Voice of Peace": Peace starts in your soul and in your heart. Respect and love, thats the art how we can come together as one. SONJAS BACKGROUND Of course, Sonja has a well-founded education. She is a qualified classical/opera singer, and she has qualifications in oriental dances/jazzdance/latin/ballett. Furthermore, Sonja is almost finished with her master degree in law! SONJA IN MEDIA Sonja Perenda is constantly present in national and international media. At the moment, she is collecting material and recording her long-awaited debut album. In the meantime, feel free to support Sonja and give her name and music to your local media, stores, online-stations,.You know, artists always need help from their friends and supporters :-) "Sonja Perenda on stage shows that she has that special charisma - a very charming manner, a beautiful smile and a lively stage presence. The biggest credit point is of course her definitely unique voice, with which she fascinates her audience." (Peter W. Surovic, Presseclub)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Live playing is the salt in my soup!! I play everywhere God is leading me, from Europe right to the Middle East. There's nothing more special to me than building up a connection to my audience and 90 minutes later we are all leaving the venue as friends. And my friends, they are the reason I am making music for!
Your musical influences
Music itself, from all genres and cultures - Starting by classical/orchestral music, over 60s/70s/80s Soul and Rock to modern rhythms from West and East.
Anything else?
For more music and pictures, please visit my myspace site! www.myspace.com/sonjaperendamusic There, you can also listen to the following songs: **VOICE OF PEACE** An orchestral ballad dedicated to PEACE. **TIME HAS COME** A "rock opera" song. **STAY WITH ME** A classic soul ballad.
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