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Hiphop that has been enfused with Blues, Funk, Rock, Jazz, and Rhythm. These are the elements of a true hiphop record.
Threat 2008
The Threat
Cry of the Horns
Can't Explain
For True Story
LLJB3 is one man, the combination of a writing poet and a music-influenced producer. He is dedicating his time towards just writing lyrics and producing instrumentals even more, but he plans to work on recording his lyrics as soon as the time is right. ANNOUNCED RELEASES: D-Day: The Dilla Dedication Mixtape - February 7, 2010 - HMD Productions. HMD Productions include myself, JBJR: The Instrumental Architect, Epidemic Phaze, Kick Ass Alyssia, and Zerobeat. Zerobeat and I make up the production team The Viewtifuls.
Band/artist history
2003 was when I learned how to take everything I've learned in music theory and writing to that point and put it towards production, in which Zerobeat gave me my first copy of FL Studio. After working with it and creating ok beats with great concept, I learned how to sample and grow my craft. 2005 I ended up investing in more sounds for the program and was going to start a group with Dora Magrath (R.I.P.). By 2006, I began to utilize the sample technique and began production on an instrumental project titled "Tears of Scarlet," a quote from my favorite anime Cowboy Bebop. By 2007, I created HMD Productions which at first included Epidemic Phaze and Smalls Trax from Chicago, and Zerobeat from U. City. Later in the year JBJR came back to my previous offer and decided to become active. By 2008, after losing my former partner, I finally decided to get back to writing my poetry and using whatever old lyrics for songs with new lyrics. I wanted to perform, but I needed to worry about my team first. By 2009, HMD Productions made the spotlight with JBJR taking second place at St Louis's Beat Meet competition. I've been asked ever since to join the competition whenever in town from school and made a ton of networks with big local name artists and producers. This will see the year that I take the role of executive producer on three mixtapes: JBJR's The Ballad of Killa Joe Kool, Epidemic Phaze's A Phaze of My Mind, and Zerobeat's The Wonderful Woes Mixtape, which I guest rap on. By 2010, we will have released four to five more mixtapes and I will finally step into the limelight as a performing artist with my first mixtape "Asteroid Blues, Session 1: Little Buster," taking the sounds from the anime FLCL and turning it into a sound not heard before. I'm coming, and after I graduate with my BA on 2/6/2010, two weeks before my birthday, the next three months is my official exodus. You have been warned. Music throw your hands up.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I don't play or perform live yet. I officially have a manager and will be playing my first few shows soon.
Your musical influences
I'm based on Hiphop (that's hiphop spelled the way KRS-1 spells it) and have been for ten years. I watch anime, and the only anime I watch religiously aside from Samurai Champloo (same director) is Cowboy Bebop. The music on there done by Yoko Kanno and the Seatbelts is something of a blessing to just have the ability to hear.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 8, Ableton Live 6, Reason 3, M-Audio 25 Midi Keyboard, Skullcandy Titanium Speaker headphones. I know how MPCs work now.
Anything else?
The albums that got me started on hiphop fully where: Fort Minor - The Rising Tied, 2005 Common - BE, 2005 Lupe Fiasco - Food & Liquor, 2006 My favorite artist is Talib Kweli.
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