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Prart Group
Prart Group
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Flexible Music Hard to Soft Beautiful Melody Lively Rhythm Feel with every note I play
Prart Aroonrungsi was born in musicians family, his mother is a vocalist and his father is a musician who can play everykind of instrument. 9-year-old Prart originated his story of music when he played his first instrument, keyboards, which was taught by his father. Prart started to play the guitar when he was 13 years old. Rock, Blues and Jazz music influenced Prart, artists like Ritchie Blackmore, B.B. King, Larry Carlton, John McLaughlin, Pat Martino etc. 19 year-old Prart began to be a teacher and 2 years later he initiated to be a guitar player in fusion music band. In 1992, Prart produced his first album, Prart Conception "Electric Guitarland" (Indy Party), all instrumental songs. At that time this musical style was not popular in Thailand, so it seemed to be brave to do this album. Nevertheless, this album got the attention of BMG (Thailand) and Prart was given a contract. In 1994, Prart produced his second album, Prart Conception "Six String Story" under license of EMI (Thailand). Both of these 2 first albums style was "contemporary music", mixedwith Rock, Jazz, Blues and Progressive. On all albums, the prominent point was Prart rearranging Thai ancient songs to a modern music style. In the same year, Prart decided to study major in guitar at the G.I.T. Institute in Los Angeles, USA. By that time Prart used to study with famous guitarists such as Joe Diorio, Scott Henderson, Frank Gambale, Ron Eshctee and other renowned guitar teachers. Prart also played guitar and got into the music scene in Los Angeles for 2 years. In 1997, Prart came back to Thailand and initiated many jobs in music. He did not only produce his next 2 albums, Prart Conception III (1998) and Prart IV (1999), but also produced the Prart Music-Workshop on the ITV channel. This programhad a warm welcome. In 1999, Prart founded Prart Music Group Co., Ltd. It operatesin the music business i.e. International Concert, Music-Work shop, Guitar Magazine, Music School, Video Instruction etc. Prart always is both an artist and a teacher. Accordingly, he founded Prart Music School that has many national guitarist disciples. Moreover, he pioneered to create a guitar magazine called "Overdrive", a Computer Music Magazine called "ComMusic" and Bass, Drums and Keyboards Magazinecalled "Rhythm Section". Prart commerced to do a Guitar Concert-Workshop and On-Tour in Thailand that traveled around the country, called the "Overdrive On-Tour". Hence Prart is one of the musicians who has many jobs in the Thai music scene. Recently, in 2005, Prart formed a band called the Prart Group and he produced his fifth album called "5th Avenue". The album style he describes as "Thai Jazz & Roll", it mixes Jazz and Rock. Prart invited Peter Erskine, a world-class well known jazz drummer, to be a special guest. Prart is satisfied with all of albums, but especially with "5th Avenue"because it shows him as self-assured. Prart has passed through domestic and foreign music experiences for 15 years. And he still has works his music jobs, included everything in music that he has created. Prart is an entertaining-outgoing person with his improvisingand rhythmic music style, with his unique guitar sound, and he is ready to come across with everybody.
Band/artist history
Discography 1992 : Prart Conception "Electric Guitarland" Album 1994 : Prart Conception "Six String Story" Album 1998 : Prart Conception "III" Album 1999 : Prart "IV" Album 2005 : Prart Group "5th Avenue" Album
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Many places such as : Overtone Music Cave,
Your musical influences
Pat Martino,Pat Metheny, Scott Henderson
What equipment do you use?
My Paul Reed Smith Guitar