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Oxhorn Brand Movies
Oxhorn Brand Movies
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Brandon is a one-man-band and creates Celtic, a capella and barbershop-type music for his Oxhorn brand Movies. He sometimes has guests who orchestrate music for
Oxhorn Brand Movies is run by Brandon M. Dennis. Over the years, I have written a number of songs and skits for my movies. I've decided to place them in a nice, easily accessible environment for people to listen to, which is why I chose SoundClick. You can watch my short animated movies on my webpage, .
Band/artist history
I started making movies back in 2005, and I've made my own songs ever since. I play the trumpet and penny whistle.a nd I do all my own vocal work and singing.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have performed solo live on stage at the University of Washington where I sang The Scottsman's Kilt. Other than that, I have sung in choirs and small groups, and I've played the part of Papageno in Mozart's The Magical Flute at Highline Community College.
Your musical influences
I like rock and some classical, but as far as my music goes, I lean Celtic, folk, medieval, and I tend to do a lot of a capella songs, and some barbershop-type songs.
What equipment do you use?
A microphone, a USB mini-amp, a laptop, a free audio editing program called WavePad and my pennywhistle.
Anything else?
Check out my webpage at , my and my blog, .
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