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Von Face
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Progressive space guitar. Instrumental

guitar rock.
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The recordings are pretty much just me. I do all of the guitars, bass, synth, and "live" drums on a Roland Juno G.... There are some tracks that have been done with some real drums...provided by my good friend Steve (JesterSmile). He is credited on those tracks.
Band/artist history
Just a guy who's been making music since 1979.... Some of the bands I've been in: Labyrynth (1979-80) (Warminster, PA) Classic rock... 1st band...guys from school. We did several Beatles tunes... I was the drummer! Bushmen of the Kalahari (1982-83) (Warminster/Southampton, PA) New wave, punk & reggae. Guitar... High school chums...good times! Funkfoot (1982-83) (Warminster, PA) Progressive Jazz Our HS jazz band had a few guys who were serious musicians...the teacher was cool. He let us split off & do our thing! I played percussion....(think SANTANA!) Colorblind (1984-85) (South Weymouth, MA) A mix of Motown & classic rock. Cool band w/ a couple of NAVY guys... I played guitar & keys. Rude Boys (1987) (Charlotte, NC) Original funk, reggae, psychedelic rock. Fun stuff!! Marley's Ghost (1987-89) (Kane, PA) Original psych-rock, reggae + covers. Incredible drummer....good band. The Smile (1990-93) (Millville, NJ / Southampton, PA) Cool pop-rock duo.... Obvious nods to The Beatles & Beach Boys. Fun songs!! VON FACE (1989-present) (Millville, NJ) Soooooo many songs! Soooooo many styles! 500+ songs....(all on tape or CD).
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not much lately.... Hope to play out again someday... Gotta get the right guys together.
Your musical influences
OK....this is tough. I like a LOT of different stuff. From Angel to Zappa!!
What equipment do you use?
1979 Fender Stratocaster (Antigua finish) 1985 Fender Stratocaster (Japanese) Ibanez RG320DXQM (w/ Dimarzio Evolutions) Ibanez AWD82T (Artcore semi-hollow) Epiphone Les Paul Standard Squire Master Series Thinline Telecaster Gibson CL-30 Deluxe acoustic Rogue bass Ampeg Super Jet tube amp Roland JUNO-G synthesizer Korg AX-1500 guitar pedalboard Boss SE-50 multi-effects Cubase LE (for recording)....
Anything else?
Check out: http://www.myspace.com/jestersmilemusic
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