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Aliquot Flow
Aliquot Flow
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Alternative acoustic songwriting with rock, metal, orchestral undertones and heaps of character.
Aliquot flow is a trio consisting of devoted musicians who pour effort and honesty into the music they write and perform. Warm and at the core highly musical recordings are offset with energetic live performances. Having been together as a complete band for little over 6 months, Aliquot Flow has already evolved and experimented, and are constantly writing and honing their dynamic sound to bring something fresh and accessible to the scene, and hope that people will recognise their musicality and respect it for however it manifests itself. A constantly growing band, you can expect much, much more from this outfit of experienced and talented musicians. Watch this space.
Band/artist history
Darren and Jerome starting jamming and writing together in early 2006, hoping to meet a double bassist to complete the line up and start going at it with direction. Unfortunately young, eager double bassists are like gold dust anywhere you go, especially ones to the standard that was desired. They saw Theo playing a gig with his covers band The Bodegas in February of 2007, asked him to jam with them and then wham, there existed Aliquot Flow! Since the date of conception, the band have been religiously rehearsing and writing, and more recently have started gigging their unique and uplifting/inspiring music locally with a view to branch out when their catalogue of music has expanded. No rush, of course, but these guys are devoted!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We do play live, just locally at the moment to build up our gig experience and tighten the loose screws, but are looking to gig extensively and in earnest in 2008. Wanna book us? Feel free!
Your musical influences
Have a guess! There is something of a mish-mash here, every member of the band having been in completely varying bands of starkly contrasting genres. There's a lot of experience in this young band.
What equipment do you use?
Whatever our minimal incomes will buy us!
Anything else?
Come see us! You might even like it! We're currently in the market for gigs, so any offers are appreciated and certainly considered!