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Lee Johnson
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It All Starts Now
An inspirational story about a guy and his girl who come to realize 'It All Starts Now'. Forget the past let go of fear, find a way.
Lee Johnson is a performing songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. Lee writes songs for today's Contemporary Country market, and plays gigs locally solo acoustic occasionally.
Band/artist history
In the past I have played in many different bands, some where I played a prominant role as a writer, and some where I was more of a hired gun guitarist. I do have a current band, that is for now separate from my writing. I made a conscious decision to make my writing focused on being competetive with writers verses writing to please the bar crowds...2 different worlds today. So the band is a cover band and we play corporate gigs and weddings with an occasional public performance.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I love playing live and in the past toured nationally, clubs and theaters, played at some great festivals, opening for national acts such as Peter Rowan, Tony Rice, John Cowan of New Grass Revival, Leftover Salmon, String Cheese Incident, and many more...more fun and hell to go through than I've ever had.
Your musical influences
I love the sound of Country, Rock, Blues, and Bluegrass. These sounds can be blended in many ways and not get boring. I like music with passion, with a positive message, and also lighter humorous songs that are uplifting and make us laugh. We are really insignificant as people, unless we are giving to others.
What equipment do you use?
Me and my guitar, a couple mics and protools. I sometimes get songs demoed by the pros in Nashville, using my mp3 as a guide or work tape.
Anything else?
I like the idea that a song I write could somehow touch someone, help them through their day, help them get up on the inside or feel inspired. This is what music does for me and I want to share that.