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Martin 101
Martin 101
2 Tracks
Martin 101, Electronica-Ambient-Future-Dance-Pop, High Fidelity- The Album available via all digital outlets including iTunes!
Taking the latter half of his name from the Roland synth module which he has used as his main tool over the years, Viennese-born Martin 101 has forged a reputation across many different forms of media.
Band/artist history
Martin 101. Martin 101 was born as Martin Meister in Vienna, Austria 1971. Being teenage punk, listening to Kraftwerk, Soft Cell, Siouxsie & the Banshees launched a versatile multi-media talent. He moved to London in 1992 to add to his journey as artist, singer, writer and performer. 1994 found Martin Meister at the London Victoria & Albert Museum for the exhibition 'Street Style' . Among Vivienne Westwood & other influential designers Martin showed his clothing design. Sarah Callard brought his point of view about modern underground culture to the masses, in an article for The Independent news paper. In the same year (1994) Martin threw his first big party event: 'Cabaret' at the London Colosseum with live acts including the legendary Pete Burns/Dead Or Alive. His passion for good song writing, performing and producing electronic pop music developed. Aside Martin produced remixes and songs for numerous artists. After years of various band name changes he chose 'Martin 101' to be his band & brand name. Deriving from a Roland 101 synthesizer and being 'one oh one', a person of a particular kind as well as 'get to know'. A dark, Barry Stone co-produced dance tune 'Silence' (1996) and the later on Deep9 Records released electro pop tribal dance track 'Shining' (2000) started his road trip performing all major venues and hype party spots all over Europe. Ministry Of Sound, Garden Club (Kinky Disco), Passage, The Cross London, The Eves Club, Battersea Power Station London, , Heaven and so on. 2003 got Martin101 a live broadcast (Kronehitradio) from the worlds biggest, most colourful, star studded, fund raising (Elton John co-hosted) charity event 'The Life Ball' at the historical and glamorous Rathaus Vienna. His latest output is his album 'High Fidelity' (iTunes, Napster, ...)
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Past live shows included Heaven, The Cross London, U4 Vienna, Camera Vienna, Passage Vienna, The Eves Club London, The Ministry Of Sound London, Battersea Power Station London.
Your musical influences
Currently my sound is influenced by past and present acts succh as Timbaland, Giorgio Moroder, New Order or Gary Numan.
What equipment do you use?
Old Yamaha sound modules, Roland 101, Korg & Moog.