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Tay Kelley
Tay Kelley
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Givem 32 (Magic)
Today #83 in New School subgenre
Whatsup people I go by the name of "Big Tay" Im a new up and coming artist who just loves music and enjoying life to the fullest. I love money music and women lol haaaa! and I just like to do different things whatever the situation is, Anyway DEMAND ME IN YOUR CITY SO I CAN BE IN A CITY NEAR YOU!!!!!!! If you wanna hear MORE MUSIC from me am featured on the "CLINT THE GREAT MUSIC GROUP PAGE" located on my TOP FRIENDS on myspace.com/bigtayallday, WHATTUP CLINT!!!! HOLLA AT HIM FOR THEM BEATS if you are an *ARTIST* and uhh, I have DVD's COMING SOON by ME, also DVD's i'll be featured on so look out for them, i'll keep you updated, anyhow FOR SHOW BOOKINGS for me or FLIGHT BOOKINGS contact my MANAGER D.KNIGHT dnight03@cox.net or me at taykelley07@yahoo.com other than that CONTINUE to SUPPORT AND DEMAND ME and I'LL BE IN A CITY NEAR YOU!!!!!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Not yet
Your musical influences
I'd have to say jay-z,nas,definately Kanye West just because of his will and faith.
Anything else?
Links: www.myspace.com/bigtayallday www.myspace.com/bigtay05 www.myspace.com/tayhov