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Ontrak Music Group
Ontrak Music Group
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sounds like commercial production that fits any project.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting the production site for A.Listen Publishing Co and Ontrak Music Group. Here you will find a diverse selection of instrumentals ranging from hard hip hop to r&b and pop. For information on prices feel free to contact ontrakmusicgroup@yahoo.com. To view the artist profiles of A.listen, visit: reverbnation.com/alisten podomatic.com/alisten Thanks and hope you enjoy!
Band/artist history
I've been doing this music thing professionally for a while now, but I've been surrounded by music all my life. I was raised in a house that played everything from Sam Cook and Miles Davis to Frank Sinatra and Elvis to Classical music and Salsa (and everything in between). I played the saxaphone and french horn in middle school ( I was a soloist on the french horn, holla atcha boy lol), up until high school. Around the same time I was also introduced to D.J.'ing by a d.j. from D.C. named D.J. Ichiban. Even though I was pretty good at both the sax and french horn, I became obsessed with D.J.'ing and began to focus more on that than my middle school band. I listened to the radio everyday at 5 o'clock and 9 pm to hear the radio d.j.s do live mixshows on the radio. I grew up on D.J. Ceelo, D.J. Iran, D.J. Sixth Sense, D.J. QicSilver (The white one, no disrespect to the black one lol) and D.J. Exclusive. I would mimic their sets on my stereo and create my own mixtapes. I didnt have the bread for turntables back then so I broke my stereo so I could overdub and fade, and I also figured out how to scratch on it too. Genious level shit lol. Eventually, I got some money and grabbed some turntables and a mixer. Around age 15 I started branching out into recording, and eventually beat making. That quickly became another obsession. I made beats day and night and would skip school, parties, and other less important shit to stay up in the lab and bang out joints. Once I felt I was good enough, I hit the streets with a beat tape and sought out to find an artist to work with. I would just walk up to anybody who looked like they could spit and would just be like " Spit something, Im a producer" (My approach has changed and gotten a lil more professional since Ive gotten a lil older lol) Eventually I came across Shakklez, the HOTTEST NIGGA SPITTIN'. PERIOD.We did a few albums worth of material and a mixtape during my last few years of school and then eventually I left West V for Arizona to go to engineering school. While I was out there I realized that engineering was cool, but making beats was my thing. I made beats and engineered for a lot of west coast artists while I was there and got my productions credits up. After school I turned down two internships to start my own production company called Ontrak Productions ( Ive since changed it to Ontrak Music Group). Back then the company was a full recording studio and also specialized in production. Some past clients include Domination (formerly of G-Unit, now Silver Back Gorrillas), Chic Raw (Top Shottas), Enterprise Car Rental ( yeah, the Rent-a-Car place lol) and a number of local artists ( damn near everyone that did anything with music from my town lol). Currently, I've closed the studio to the public to focus on my own production and artists ( I know, Im a selfish bastard). For any inquiries about beats hit me up at www.myspace.com/alistenmusic. Hope you enjoy my work and the works of my company and artists. One.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
dj live sometimes
Your musical influences
primo (d.j. premier), kanye, just blaze, brian cox, timbaland, ryan leslie, dr. dre, quincy jones, jay z, p.diddy,
What equipment do you use?
whatever i can get my hands on
Anything else?
thanks for tunin in!!!
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