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Top 100 Billboard Hip-Hop producer/Texas Recording Academy Voter (Grammys)
Gone Insane Starring Ab-Soul Featuring SchoolBoy Q
I'm from Los Angeles, CA (though I live in Dallas, TX the last 3 years) and have been involved in music almost my entire life. I grew up in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles & Inglewood, most of which were Blood territories, but despite that I stayed focus and became a musician, songwriter, music producer and audio engineer. The very first instrument I learned to play was the violin around the age of 7 and was introduced to the piano when I enrolled into the Alexander Hamilton Academy Of Music in Los Angeles. I learned how to read, write and compose music while in high school and also sang in the Gospel Choir for a short time. I also learned how to make beats while going to Hamilton. After dropping out of college via 2003, I enrolled into the Los Angeles Recording School in 2003 where I earned a certificate in Audio Engineering and worked out of famous recording studios like Paramont, Blakeslee, The Record Plant and Larrabee North Studios. It was also around 2003 when I began making a name for myself in the various underground circuits of beat battles & showcases (i.e. Project Blowed, Belly Of The Beats, etc). I've gotten placements on TV (Melrose Place) and ads (Foot Locker) as well as video games (Saints Row) and has worked with and affiliated himself with some highly successful songwriters and publishers. To date, I have worked with artists such as Ab-Soul, ScHoolboy Q, Skeme & more. I am also working towards building my own recording studio in Downtown Dallas and am also an active member of The Recording Academy with the Texas Chapter. Recently the song I produced with fellow Inglewood native Lady Tee The Difference "I Ain't Yo Bitch" was considered for 2018 Grammy nomination!
Band/artist history
Lyfe (Bakersfield, CA) *artist & producer* - 2001-2004 D.N.A. [Daff N' Ayiro] (Los Angeles, CA) *artist & producer* - 2006-2007 Aktivated Muzik Group (Hollywood, CA) *producer/engineer* - 2007-2013 Corner 2 Corprorate (Los Angeles, CA) *producer/engineer* - 2007-current
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I actually do perform live, but it's usually at producer showcases and beat battles. I got into my first beat battle via Project Blowed when they used to have them monthly over by Leimert Park. In my very first beat battle, introduced to me by J.Bizness & countless others in my circle, I battled the champion in the Final Four. I lost, but I think I gained MAD respect that night. And it just grew from there... A moment that was kinda interesting was when I was in the final round at a beat battle at the vibe in the I.E., CA and I was battling my long time friend and fellow producer J. Bizness. We had three rounds to battle, but judges were undecided cuz the beats were SO DOPE. Crowd couldn't decide, so we went five rounds. LOL And J. Bizness, well, #nocomment. lol *S/Os to J.Bizness and all my I.E. folks...*
Your musical influences
J. Dilla, Madlib, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Quincy jones, Battlecat, Timbo, DJ Quik, Premier, Zaytoven, Dr. Dre, Cardo, Sounwave, Cardiak, Justice League.
What equipment do you use?
Logic Pro X, Reason 8, Pro Tools & a Roland Samplegroovebox MC-909 that I honestly don't even use anymore but I may have to break it back out. It has some really awesome sounds in it. I'm heavy into Logic currently.
Anything else?
Check out ProducedByAyiro.com for more detailed information about me and the artists I've worked with over the years. Any questions hit me at ProducedByAyiro@gmail.com. Let's make some music!!
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