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Men E Stylez
Men E Stylez
1 Track
UK Hip Hop at its peak....
Hold ya head
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Band/artist history
yo i herd u bust b4 sorry that was ice chedda bob cant flow fa shit so ima bout ta take ya life claimin i aint shit an that u hard as a rock you'll get smoked like crack by a feen up on my block an yo i see ya boyz but they sure aint from the hood see u run ya mouth off but run off when u see blood sayin english manz r pussies thats easy on the net why dont u step to ma hood n get ya whole crew wreckd i dont need to get vexed cuz u inferior like antz an u wont post pics of ya endz cuz all there is down there is tramps see ure post about ma pops well kid i aint got one and u wont eitha when i load the fuckin clip into the gun shit i dont need a pistol, dude i'll finish u wit bars couple punches a few multies leave ure mind state covered in scars see the only way u sick is when u hear this battle rap or when u fucked ure wifey son, we all know shes got the clap namin yaself after a state, blud you aint big enough bustin screw faces in ya pics the only way u lookin tuff holdin an empty bottle of criss and postin it is just wack i'll buy u a whole crate so u can claim u got a stack wit all them ones in ya mouth damn u really r ballin sept when u drivin in ya whip the broke ass shit just keeps stallin name callin aint my thing but thats all ive seen u do dissin peeps upon the net really doesnt make u coo you lookin like a fool wit all this bickerin and i feel why u gettin vexed check tha size of ya chin bust a grin cuz the mean looks just aint workin an when this battles finished son i know u really gonna b hurtin finishin me aint gonna happen so i dont know why u try i aint usin ma full potential but still i can make u cry
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Concerts, festivals, clubs.....
Your musical influences
run dmc....wu tang....biggy....pac....bone thugz... outlawz....common....westsidaz....and most of the old skool headz....
What equipment do you use?