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Rat City
Rat City
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west coast rat city white center ghetto rock punk ragtime flamenco country rap biggy smalls notorious BIG passion soul reggae latin jazz durango pop lyrics tabl
Jonny Durango writes a diverse mix of rockin songs in different genres from hardcore rap/metal to blazing flamenco guitar, political motown, knee-slappin rockabilly and everything in between! The only thing you WILL NOT see on this page is whiney country, teeny-bop pop and techno. I HAAAATE techno!
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We play live in garages, living rooms and bars. We like it. It is special...
Your musical influences
EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would like to write hooks like The Beatles, write melodies like the Beach Boys, write lyrics like Notorious BIG, sing like Bradley Nowell, play guitar like Paco De Lucia, rock out like the Deftones, be super bad like James Brown and dress like Leon Redbone. It might be easier to list the few kinds of music that do NOT influence me: whiney hick country/country rock (this DOES NOT include real hillbilly stuff, rockabilly bluegrass, ragtime, etc.), cheesy teeny-bopper pop and TECHNO "MUSIC"!! I *HATE* techno with a firey passion that brews deep in the pit of my blackened soulless heart!
What equipment do you use?
some guitars, a drumset, some microphones, a bass guitar, vocal chords, some horns and keyboards...maybe some juice harps or banjos, hammers, recycling bins, broken glass, dead fish, couches, barometers, chainsaws and model rocket engines.
Anything else?
Yeah, don't do drugs.
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