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Uppa Dek (US)
Uppa Dek (US)
18 Tracks
Welcome to UPPA DEK. Uppa Dek is the �now� for southern hip hop that has been 13 years in the making. Made up of members Ronnie Rich, Chris Dolla, Dre Steel
18 songs
Don't Listen to this. It may inflect serious head nodding, and a feel of ecstasy from hearing us. We are sick. We are the best. Who will tell us otherwise?
Band/artist history
Uppa Dekï, The new group hailing from Houston, Texas, is here to bring the hip-hop game something that has been missing. Even with the huge explosion of Houston rappers on the scene, there has still been a void left to fill. That void is true lyricism. The group consists of brothers Ronnie Rich and Chris Dolla, cousin Dre Steel, and childhood friends Byron Bank and R. Franco. Even though they represent the southeast side of Houston and the notorious fifth ward, they are intent on uplifting Houston as a whole. The five also bring different characteristics to the table. This is due to twelve years of rapping experience that has created a cohesive bond. Ronnie Rich, a..k.a. Mr. RBI, is known for his technical wordplay and multitude of personalities. Chris Dolla, a.k.a. Mr. Rogers, is the nice guy. They say he is bad but in a nice way. Dre Steel, a.k.a. Kid Ego, is known all over for his resounding vocals and his harsh realism through rhyme. Byron Bank, a.k.a. Mr. Get it on Jones, is the main producer of the group and is wicked with one-liners. R. Franco rounds it off with the smooth defining vocals as the rap singer of the group. We came up with the name based on what was happening at the time, says Ronnie Rich. There were not a lot of lyricists in Houston. Truth be told, all we really had was Face (Scarface), who is one of the best, period. Cham, (Chamillionaire) is dope, UGK was a Port Arthur thing, and 8ball and MJG were from Memphis. Inspired by East Coast hip-hop (pioneers like Jay Z, Nas, Biggie, LL) with a true southern charm and twist, this talented group promises to bring the game what hip-hop has been missing. Uppa Dek's influence will be consumed all over. Houston definitely has a problem. "All wack rappers beware," says Dre Steel, "The Dek is sick and the world is our therapy. We will be in your hood like the alternator." Uppa Dek has it all, and are on a totally different level from other rappers who rap about women or to fit in. We rap because these jails are getting bigger, and we got a message to tell. You instantly recognize something different from Uppa Dek once you press play on any of their songs. All tracks from the upcoming album are produced by Byron Bank, J Dinero, and Hy Klass, who all hail from Houston. It's time that the East Coast and the West Coast realize that they are not the only ones that make hot music, have lyrical skill, or produce great music, says Byron Bank. It's time to them to respect the Dek. Uppa Dek possesses what the great possess; a commanding presence and an uncanny ability to devour all those that do not bring their A-game. It's not that we're big-headed or anything" says Chris Dolla. Sometimes you just gotta tell them, b***h, this Uppa Dek. We are here now, so be cool, and try to ride with us. Check them out performing from Upclose Entertainment. The Nosebleed Section coming Soon www.UpcloseEnt.net * www.myspace.com/uppadek * www.UppaDek.com* For more info, contact (832)782-9715
Have you performed in front of an audience?
We can play anywhere. Maily we are all over south east Texas
Your musical influences
jay z, nas, ugk, Ludacris, Eminem, Rakim and ll are our main influences
What equipment do you use?
all we need is 1 mic and a sic beat. on second thought, we dont even need a beat
Anything else?
www.myspace.com/uppadek we are sick
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