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Jorge Sergio
September 17, 2007
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My "band" is only me, working in my little studio and trying to make my own music, who is a real passion for me.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I played live in the past, a lot of times, but never alone with my synths and performing my own music (except in a couple of times). I've been the keyboardist of several no-professional bands (including pop, rock and folk styles) and some "Festive Orchestras". There were a lot of funny moments, when playing in little spanish villages, as when we leave to a whole village without electricity because of the power of our sound and lightning. Playing live is always fantastic, when you feel the audience close to you.
Your musical influences
In fact I have a lot of musical influences. I'm not sure if all the music that I like appears in my way of making music (as I work with synthesizers and electronic devices) but I listen to a bunch of different bands and musicians. I like folk, electronica, pop, rock, progressive and symphonic rock, classical music, minimalist music, world music (the world is big, big...), new-age, and etc, etc. I really enjoy listening to the music everywhere. I like a lot of styles, but I can't play most of the instruments, of course. Eventually my music is electronica close to Jean Michel Jarre, Vangelis, The Classic Berlin School, well... that's what I suppose :) Classic and Berlin School Electronica. Symphonic and progressive Rock. Techno-Pop, World Music, New Age.
What equipment do you use?
Real and Virtual digital/analog synthesizers
Anything else?
Music is fantastic, but sorry, I can't describe with words what the music means to me.
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