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03 - Do It All
Lovin You Is Wrong.mp3
Live My Life.mp3
Haters Everywhere
Imma Stunt
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The New Sound Of The South You Can Also See Me At www.myspace.com/trobmusic
Band/artist history
Thomas Roberts) is a florida bred and born music head. Music is my life. I started rappin at the age of fourteen years old. I use to listen to Melle Mell , Kurtis Blow , The Fat Boys , RunDmc , and LL Cool J , and thats when i knew then thats what i wanted to do. When i first seen the now classic movie Krush Groove and i seen the struggles some rappers go thru to make it i told myself i wont give up i knew if i wanted to make it , it was gonna be hard but i wouldn't give up untill i reached my goal. Im still in the struggle but i love what i do. Im now ceo of my label R Legions Entertainment ( RLE ) and im workin with some real hungry artist and thats how you get things movin when you got some real soldiers on your side , who willing to ride with you untill the end. My first album Stuntin Down South gave me a push into underground success got my name out there. got alot good feedback so now its time to run with it. but i learn in this rap game you dont meet alot of real cats cause most cats wanna be in that spotlight thats why i do what i gotta do i live and breathe my music . i got alot of things goin on like writing movie skripts , clothing line called Tre Robinson Clothing , Magazines and Radio. im trying to do it all before im too old to do it. i come from a long line of muscians my dad is a singer my uncles are into music too. i learned how to write music at a early age all different types of music. Blues , R&B , Hip Hop , and ive recorded a couple christian rap songs i figure thats where i will end up soon doin christian rap i dont wanna be rappin about in the club smoking blunts and bitches when im 50. i have a strong dedicated love for music , being in the studio creating music is a high for me. cause when im not recording im lost. i love to create music and watch the reaction i get from the crowd. i use to go to the club when i recorded my first album ( Stuntin Down South ) and the DJ would play a couple of my jams. i would sit in the back in the club in the dark noone knew i was there and watch the crowd reaction they loved my sounds and it gave me a bighead for the moment but it also gave me that motivation to work even harder and keep puttin that raw sound out that the my fans , friends , haters would love lol. R Legions Entertainment Group (RLEG) is one of the world?s pre-eminent urban entertainment companies, encompassing a broad range of business including recording, music publishing, artist management, and film production, recording facility, marketing and advertising, apparel and . With a collection of businesses Mr. Roberts is largely responsible for the hiphop appeal of urban entertainment. In just eight years, founder and CEO Tommy ''T-ROB Roberts has forever changed the entertainment industry by catapulting the music and style of urban youth culture into the American mainstream and creating what is considered by experts to be one of the most important forces in entertainment today.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Every Time Im On Stage Doing My Thang And What I Love Is A Special Moment.
Your musical influences
The Old School Rap Schene.
What equipment do you use?
Mpc2000, Protools, Mophatt, Planet Phatt, Yamaha rm1x, Yamaha dx-7 roland jv 1010, sample tank, focusrite platinum series vmpro, resolve monitors, etc etc
Anything else?
T-ROB Is That Real Nigga . Dont Sleep.
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