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Scorpion da Fitted Hustla
Scorpion da Fitted Hustla
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One of the most Innovative artists you will ever listen to. From pit-fire beats to the prolific lyrics. Scorpion is chaining up the competition. He sees it as a
Scorpion is a lyristist/producer/songwriter/engineer. Major profile there huh? He is currently workin on 3 albums, (one being his own) the other two are a collab with his cousin and a very talented artist from France named Belinda.
Band/artist history
They usually compare Scorpion to the Scorpion King. However, he is only referred to as the prince of Chicago. As a young child, Chase Bethea, remembers how growing up in the Windy City, seemed to be a Mortal Kombat. Fierce freestyle battles take place among the four to six inch snow covered streets in negative ten degree weather. A victor emerges after a voguish punch-line was verbalized by the rap artist, Scorpion. The number of finish hims and fatalities is not counted, but the number of ears is. Besides competing with other lyricists, he would either be singing along in the 7th/8th grade choir, or he would practice on his alto saxophone and compose short music for his fellow saxophone players in his band class. An ambitious character was evolving inside him and he felt that he had done all that he could have done in Chicago for now. The opportunity to move to Los Angeles with his mom opened up, and without hesitation he made his decision. In 9th grade not only did he continue battling, but he found the skill of producing. He was making songs on a daily basis with just a computer and mic. By the 10th grade he was considered one of the best rappers in school. He started to branch out a little bit by recording with other fellow artist in his area at his house. Before the end of the year was over, him and his cousin had produced a mixtape and DVD and sold over 500 copies. In 2005, he interned for Ghetto Magic Entertainment, an independent studio in Sherman Oaks. While interning there he learned a few things on sound engineering and sound editing. He from High School graduated June 2006 with Honors and immediately enrolled into The Los Angeles Recording School to continue his studies in music and perfect his production skills. He started a production/apparel company called Fitted Hustlas Association. The company currently consists of five members that share the same vision and that deal with business, production and web design. Scorpion describes his style as a swagger and versatility that you can feel coming through the cd! His music reaches out to teenagers and up. He can rap about anything from political issues to how it would be to live on Jupiter. One of his greatest skills is freestyling for long periods of time. His record is twenty two minutes. He is determined to show the world how Chicago music has just as much participation in Hip-Hop as NY and LA does.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I perfom live. I try to book as many shows as I can in Hollywood. Sept. 11th 2007 I perfom at The Bee Club. I LOVE performing there hasn't been a real special moment yet it's coming....
Your musical influences
I'm a a lil gangasta ish at times but more in between alot of styles like that are mellow and I like expanding my vocab within my rhymes, to broaden the imagination when my fans are listening
What equipment do you use?
Fl Studio and oxygen v2. midi controller.
Anything else?
yea yea check out my songs aside from here through these links www.myspace.com/scorpiondachitownprince www.musicplustv.com/scorpion www.myspace.com/fittedhustlas Also look out for the label/clothing line called Fitted Hustlas Association
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