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C-Hall aka Sould
C-Hall aka Sould
3 Tracks
Rap straight out of the 405. Im lookin to put some reality out there, and just give you stuff out of my life and the lives I see through the music.
C-Hall a.k.a. Sould. Im tryin to take my rap to a different level, comin strait outta Oklahoma. Its an everyday thing, and im currently unsigned but looking for a label, who isnt these days? Im gona keep doing new stuff as long as Im feelin it, and Ill see where it takes me. If yall like what you hearin then show some support and we can make somethin out of this.
Band/artist history
I started when I was 12 or 13, something like that. It took some time to stop copying what I heard almost line for line, but its developed into what you hear now and I think Ive found my own voice now.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
The only live events Ive ever done are freestyle battles, and those are always fun. But Ima be doing some local clubs soon so look for me.
Your musical influences
Life is my main influence, I take my life and put it in words on every song. Artist wise I would have to say 2Pac is the most influential artist in my eyes, rap wouldnt be what it is today without him.
What equipment do you use?
A mic and a computer, and I make some of my own beats on my computer, the rest come straight from beats/instrumentals section of soundclick, those boys got some hott tracks. The album Im workin on now will use all soundclick artists
Anything else?
Nothin but love for all the people that play my music, help out in production, and get on the tracks with me. Anybody who listens 2 the songs and feels 'em, keep checkin back.
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