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Dave Townsend
Omnivorous: Classic rock to elevator to folk-rock. Melodic ballads, instrumentals and hillbilly meth-head psychedelia. Sometimes political, but no attitude.
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Features my favorite expressive sampled instruments: The Fiddle and The Resonator from Indiginus, SWAM Alto Sax from Analog Modeling, as well as the new banjo from Indiginus.
Blue Diesel
A jazzy instrumental
Meditation music. Headphones and joint recommended.
The Fiddle by Indiginus
This was a quick test of The Fiddle, a Kontakt library from Indiginus. It also features two other folksy instruments from Indiginus, The STEEL and The Mandolin.
Swimming with Turtles
Composed after a relaxing day at the beach.
I am just a guy who enjoys making music and sharing it with others. I offer everything free of charge because music shouldn't be owned, only shared. If you like it, great. If you don't, oh well, just keep looking there's something for everyone on Soundclick!
Band/artist history
I started playing in bands in 1965 as a teenager in Nebraska, later making it a full-time profession in the Pacific Northwest until maturity, road weariness and hatred of disco finally overtook me in the 80's. I abandoned music entirely, so as to devote my full attention to the pursuit of the American Dream. I proceeded to acquire the big house, the new cars, all the fun toys -- and, ultimately the grand prize: a heart attack. After a major readjustment of priorities I decided it was time to make music again. It has since become my passion. My next step is retirement. When that happens, I intend to build a recording studio in Pangasinan province, in the Philippines, my adopted second home. There I plan to live out the rest of my days happily making music under the mango trees.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I have been performing for more than half a century, currently playing with a weekend classic rock band around the Seattle area.
Your musical influences
JS Bach Tchaikovsky Lennon and McCartney Pink Floyd Jethro Tull Moody Blues Klaatu Dave Brubeck Les Paul Beach Boys The Byrds Cream ELO ELP King Crimson Zombies and most 60's British Pop 70's Art Rock Booker T and the MGs Tomita
What equipment do you use?
Cakewalk by BandLab Korg Kronos Crumar Mojo Kurzweil PC2R Focusrite Saffire Pro Emotiva monitors Kontakt Omnisphere Zebra 2 iZotope Ozone All the FabFilter goodies And lots of other nifty stuff, most of which I actually know what all the buttons and knobs do...
Anything else?
I'd like to think that whoever robbed my studio is putting my gear to good use. Keyboards, guitars, studio monitors, microphones, even my DAW all went out the door. They took my backup drive, too, so 12 years' worth of music projects are gone forever. Had it not been for posting some of them here that I have any remnants at all.
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