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SDot aka Sirus
SDot aka Sirus
9 Tracks
The Future Ent, Hip Hop, Rap, Deleioun Jackson, W.V Rap Artist, Ponce, Bitta Sweet
I am "Ponce" and I am Hip Hop's Fountain of Youth
Band/artist history
Ponce stands for Ponce De Leon.A Great man Who went through many trials and tribulations in order to meet success, in his case " finding the Fountain of Youth". Ponce chose this name after a few years of being known as s.dot or The superstar. He said " well i wanted to choose a name with more meaning" he chose "Ponce".This was much more powerful to him because his Real name is Deleioun. Named after the Great Ponce De Leon. He feels that he is the future of music and the fountain of youth to Hip-Hop. Therefore, as long as he is rappin the game will constantly change and will never die. Ponce was signed onto a record called "The Future Entertainment from 2006-2008. May 18, 2008 Ponce chose to make a lil switch up by signing to Bittasweet Records. He says" My old label wasnt doing anything for me, the rappers werent really rappers,the workers werent really workers,Im trying to make it to the top and get out of this city, but everyone in the group aint like me, they dont wanna be known anywhere else they are fine with being known in Wheeling, and I got way to much talent to let i go to waste, so ima switch it up and tape another photo in my Picture Book, Im in the league now. Ponce is from Los Angeles California, but spent most of his upbringing in Wheeling West Virginia in a little set of projects known as Hil-Dar. Ponce is inspired by his family, friends, and lifetime experiences that will never be forgotten including: the death of family members, the success of others, and even the hard workers that struggled to live an average life. His style and performance has changed much since the beginning of his rap career in 2002. His style has revolutionized many times since then. Songs like "Dippin Leanin" and "When It Rains" evolved into songs like "Picture Book" and "Imagine", where he projects imagery and one can dissect and relate to the life he is speaking of. Everything he's spit spoken is unique, genuine, and written by him himself. Ponce seems to be so unique because he tends to project many different schemes, producing imagery, similes, metaphors and etc. He is speaking to his audience and listeners, unlike other rappers who continuously speak about themselves to themselves. He beholds his own style. Ponce claims, "I love music". When asked what Rap means to him Ponce replys, "Its my way to express myself and what Ive been through, giving others somebody to relate to and kids someone to look up to. He once wrote "Live Life by The Second and Reach out For a Goal, Follow Your Vision and Follow Your Soul, Make It To, The Top and Let Nobody Deprive You, Drive Slow, I know thats how I do." Ponce quotes "many changes took place before I began to follow my dreams: The death of my uncle jimmy, The death of my Grandfather, The constant shipping of my father in and out of the country, my detentions suspension's which led to being expelled from school, i've always had a horrible attitude problem and controlling it has always been a problem, especially when it is with some type of authority, But things are changing and I'm ready to rise, never to fall. He says, "You only get one chance, one life. So live it to the full extent and make something of it." How To Get In Contact With Ponce "The Superstar" ,email-Thefutureentertainment@gmail.com, aim- Poncethefuture@aim.com ..
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Charleston West Virginia, Columbus Ohio, Stuebenville Ohio, Wheeling West virginia
Your musical influences
My Cousin James Watts inspires me to never stop, he been raping for a couple years now and now he all over the world ya feel me.The biggest influence to me would be God.This the man that made me and the world around me the man that bless me with the life and spirit i have the talent and thoughts i come up with.When i spleep i think this man is a great man and will lead me through ma life...My mom will always and influence to me because she continuosly tells me i can be and do whatever i want a long as i try hard and never give up.She's been the one to watch me succeed and cheer me on in everything i do..My pops this man influenced me to rap when i was a kid i would sit back and listen 2 him doin his old school rap and jokin with me, we use to listen to kurtis blow alot,he use 2 be one of the best in da game no doubt.My older bros seville and quintin also rappers inspired me to read more and learn more words that i could say and express in my rhymes making people think when they hear me rap.(2pac) Inspired me to write poems leading on to every poem i write must have a real scene and story along with it, when one hears me i want them 2 visualize what im speaking of.Tha Kid Cassidy will always influence me with his punchlines and attitude he never backs down to anyone holdin his head up high spittin some of the sickest verses ever heard.(Death) iv'e had so many Deaths in my family over gang violence and Drug Money Sex the basis naw meen, that death makes me want to succeed in everything i do working to the fullest until im the best i can possibly be and then working harder to maintain my position.Rip all my niggaz,My sis Ebony Mom,My cousins from L.a(got so many i cant began to count)and of course my grandpa the man i hardly knew but my memories will last 4ever.And my Personality keepin me alive everyday as i realize that rap is the only real thing on earth everything else is nothing but our Imagination.......
What equipment do you use?
30,000 Dollars worth of professional equipment.
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