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travisty 7
travisty 7
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Street reality rap with a southern fried crunk twist.
what up, what up! It's ya boy Travisty 7, gimme some word. I represent the bottom, Fort Lauderdale, Florida to the fullest. And i'll like to thank y'all for choosing to hang out with me for a lil' while. Get at me. I promise you if y'all ride wit' me you will not regret it. I got big plans and I want ya'll to be a part of it. I'm gettin' ready to change the game, literally. So to make a long story short, it's time to party.
Band/artist history
My history is not important right now, it's bout where I'm going. And that's straight to the top. Dont' get confused.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Do I ever! Anywhere I can get on! If you like it I love it. Every moment is special, life is special, feel me.
Your musical influences
My musical influences come from within my family, I got a rich heritage. My pedigree consist of: The late great Jam Master Jay,cousin-God bless the dead, my uncle Don Mizell, who won a Grammy for producing Ray Charles last joint, Larry and Fonce Mizell the hit makers behind the Motown sound. You check the stats. Believe dat.
What equipment do you use?
Pro tools, fool.
Anything else?
Real talk, I talk a lot of trash, but in reality I just wanna tell my story and make good music. I hope ya'll like it and If ya"ll don't, be real with me and let me know. That helps to make me better. If you do like it, tell everybody you know.
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