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Sam Bishop
Sam Bishop
1 Track
Folk, solo, one-man band, rock, blues, gritty
Not Our Diana (8/31/97)
Peak in sub-genre #32
If one person can be a band, then I guess I'm a band. WIth the exception of a few vocals by some talented friends, everything you hear is my doing.
Band/artist history
Started playing guitar when I was 18, and like most other things in my life, it became an on again, off again passion of my life. Always there, but not the only thing. Even though I majored in Guitar in college, I never really wanted to explore music as a way to put food on the table. Never joined a band. Thats one reason for this being a bit of a one-man-band sort of recording (minus the cymbals on the knees and the funny hat). Part of the problem was that I never really enjoyed just playing covers of other peoples music. One or two cover songs were fun, but an entire night of it was not for me. I enjoyed putting my own thoughts & opinions to music, but didn't have enough of my own music finished to fill a set or two. I finally got serious about recording some of the songs I'd written on just my guitar so that I could fully realize what I heard in my head. As I played these songs, I could hear the different instrumentations and how they should sound. This music is a result of a lot of time spent learning, re-doing, re-learning, and finishing almost every aspect of the process of creating that sound.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Don't play live, right now. That could change, though.
Your musical influences
60's/70's guitar-based rock, Eagles, Chris Issak, Genesis & all its parts, The Who, Roxy Music
What equipment do you use?
I use old stuff: Roland VS880 Alesis sr16 (less & less, though) Gibson SG Hand-built ToneMaid tele-copy Korg X5 VSPro sequencer