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Knowlage- Bedtime Stories
Hell, oh no wait, it's Soundclick. Greeting's earthling's, My Human Name is ' Nicholas ', but my Affiliates' call me ' Fraze ', it's super-human, you really would not understand so please do not ask me what the hell my name means. Any-who, before i was interrupted by your rude ass, i have a natural love for music. I grew up, studying music, loving it, and trying to get better. My style is, 100% : Raw Underground hiphop Rap. You know what annoy's me, a lot? When i get into my Spaceship and hear all of these 'Boom Bap Bubblegum Snap Music', like does that shit make sense to anyone, or is it just me? My undying love for real hiphop has put me at a point of vomitting everytime i hear that wack ass garbage people classify as music. Oh well, tho... Cant hate.. Well, yes i can, FUCK YOU if you contributed to that mass of wackness. Okay, so on with my 'band'. Im the artist, the mastermind, the creator, the only member of my band. Willy Carson's the beatmaker, along with other striving artist/producers out there... Too many to name. I currently live in Oak Grove, KY, home of Fort Campbell (101st Air Assault Division ), serving in the United States Army as an Infantryman. Im trying to get out of my contract, so MAIL ME A CHECK for $500,000 and maybe i can negotiate with them. Ive been to IRAQ for 15 months once, and im getting ready to deploy to Afghanistan for a year, so uhh... Send Quick. Im open with Artist and Producers, so hit me up: Ill record songs with you, featuring you, or even for you.. If you want too collab please email me here, or preferably : Whosfrazeman@yahoo.com You can also catch me on aim when i have time, my s/n is: LFrizzy407 DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD, DOWNLOAD... PLEASE HELP SAVE HIPHOP AND PROMOTE A HOMEY, LEAVE COMMENTS AND SUBSCRIBE. THANK you, peons! Fraze
Band/artist history
Dude, they give me all these damn boxes like im actually going to sit down and fill them all out. Holy Shit, for $14.95/Month, you can get additional boxes to make you type, aka tiring out your fingers, cuz u have to type a damn paragraph... Psh.. I have no history, just a rendezvous with destiny.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Im in IRAQ. If the surroundings are dope, good music & drinks going on, ill perform free.
Your musical influences
Im more into underground music, real niggas who spit truth and philosophy. I dont hate every artist, but i do hate every artist who thinks he has to talk about flossin, cars, rims, weapons, chains.. to get a fuckin sale! nigga are you crazy, spit it from the heart!!! Keep realhiphop alive. Preserve whats really good!
What equipment do you use?
US-Tascam 122, Imac computer running Logic Pro, a Mogami VXL and couple other mics, Windscreen.. blah blah..
Anything else?
Nope, i have nothing else to add. Well wait, there are a few things. Go visit my myspace and ADD ME!, Please?: http://www.myspace.com/Frazesongs Thank you.
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