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Thomas Van Dyke aka VAN DYKE
Thomas Van Dyke aka VAN DYKE
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VAN DYKE is anointed, smooth, professional, and surely an example of great Christian crossover songs.
Thomas Van Dyke aka "VAN DYKE", musician, singer, songwriter and arranger is a very anointed praise and worship leader who is also a smooth crossover artist. The crossover appeal of "VAN DYKE" proves that a Christian artist can also attact and hold a wide commercial audience. "VAN DYKE" has a genre touch of soul, R&B, Jazz, contemporary, christian, and easy listening all in one package. Thomas, a vocalist, guitarist, drummer, and keyboardist refuses to fall into the "copy cat" wave of things that music has fallen into. Unlike most artists today, "VAN DYKE" truly has a sound of it's own. For more information, check out: www.myspace.com/anotherapproachmusicbmi anotherapproachmusic.com thomasvandyke.org
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Mostly Live Revivals, concerts, and special commercial and christian venues
Your musical influences
Marvin Gay, Alvin Slaughter, Hill Songs, New Breed, Clint Brown, Barry White, Maze, Beatles
What equipment do you use?
Fender, Schecter, Casio, Tascam, Akai, Yamaha, Rockwood, Dan Electro, Power Tracks, Acid Pro, Sound Forge, BIAB, Cool Edit Pro, Behringer, Peavey and others
Anything else?
Another Approach Music is a subsidary of Trinity Life Ministries located in Oxford, Alabama.