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Solo Soulja
Solo Soulja
10 Tracks
A group of young adults just trying to make it in this twisted game called life.
Im basicly the man. I do everything from makin beats to graphic designing. As an artist I feel I have plenty to offer in that area alone. anything else u wanna kno jus ask.
Band/artist history
We started off in a small town that was known as Hinesville. We were all homeboys wit da same dream of being famous now matter how we were. I was the youngest with a dream of being a Dj. My cuzzo L.A Johnson (Dj Like Dat) at da time was startin a small radio station in the neighborhood, but that didnt last long. J-roc and HVL-BOI were going to be professional football players and didnt let anything stand in their way. Years later everybody was following their goals...well everyone but me. Detained several times and didnt plan on giving up. Dj Like dat left me and went to Youth Challenge to better hiself. I was 14 when I was released from the hole. Later on I found out "Like Dat" met a few people in the music industry, which was great because I had made a few beats that i felt would make me rich! After showin of my talent I recieved a disk (FL STUDIO 4) and i was told to try it out, so I made a few beats but had no way of recording the songs so I used and MP3 player which was perfect at the time but the sound quality sucked. We didnt stop there! Finally Income TAX!!!! I bout a new pc and mic and decided to turn my room into a studio. Right now we are just gettin up on our feet doin showz and parties jus ta get a little pockets. But as the producer of Dem Poite South Boyz, Im proud to say we have an unmatchable team. I can see that we are doing our job well because we picked up a massive amount a people, and a couple old goonz from da creek "Kool Aide, and NENO" which made us a family........ AFFILIATED GANGSTAZ
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes. Anywhere. Most of my shows have been out of state but im focused on my local supporters to keep my name alive so going out of stated will be easier fa me. most people are accustomed ta the outa site outa mind type thing.
Your musical influences
Everthing and Everybody. I just love music.
What equipment do you use?
FL Studio 8
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