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Tex Pablo
Tex Pablo
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Hip-hop/Rap, Krunk and Reggaeton. Lyrics are positive messages and my real life experiences and I have had and how God has helped.
2010 On Lock *New Free Download*
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Grow Stronger *Free Download*
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Struggles & Pain *Free Download
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Tex Pablo been makin music for da streetz,since 2006 when God gave me da chance 2 grip a mic. Eva since He has opened many doors and has allowed me 2 meet many people that have helped and showed me much. Wit Christ n my side, im tryna make music 2 let them know how God has worked on my life and still working. Letting them know after everything, Gods the only one thats gonna be there. Through Jesus is the only way to da Father. Dats why I gotta keep duin wat da LORD tells me 2 do. Gotta rep till KING COMES BACK AND STILl REP AFTER! Even tho i got people tryna talk me down,im still puttin Christ in my mind. It hasnt been easy. Yet, He's done so much in my life and has been there thru the trials. But 4 real, sumthin dat really helps,is HIS WORD. Yeah, so dats why u should get ur bread everyday (da gospel). Been thru sum rough tymes but im still hanging in here thru prayer and puttin God first. Don't forget, Matthew 6:33 "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." In another words,"Put God first, and everything else will flow." Also check my soundclick page which has free music to download. If you have anymore question just email, if you want me at your upcoming event don't hesitate to contact. Right here at Fresh Annointment Camp 08' doing "We Do It Like Dis" we jus gettin krunk. Thanks 4 chekn out da page! SUPPORT MY BRO K-NYNE: www.soundclick.com/knyneakamississippi MIXTAPE SONGS ARE FREE DL Gracias por el apoyo...descargen musica gratis aqui...y que sea bendicion para ustedes.Y las pistas las pueden usar pa demos nadamas...D.L.B Tex-Pablo
Band/artist history
Benn goin on since da summer of 06' First concert with Dallas Rydaz was i w/Leo from "Los 4 Fanstasikos." Done shows with: Leo,Alex Zurdo and Jonny L, Cam,Principe, Heata ,Phildawg,Pooh. I Have been in a youth tv show Dallas 3:16 alongside Cam. Have been in couple local tv shows. Have rapped in local parks and streets. Thank God for opening many doors and gettin his Truth out in my city. Started wit C-Los and Tex Pablo Then got Yung J and Lil Jony in the year 07'. But then it was jus Tex Pablo alone for early 08'. Prodi-G- Late 08' Now solo
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yeah down 4 everythin. Quincaneras(15s) B-Parties,Youth Events (English or Spanish),Camps, Churches, streets,parks anyplace or stage basically.
Your musical influences
God of course trying 2 spread da word 2 da people! But da people dat God put in dis earth dat inspired us were Bro.Keiichi & Kathy, Heata, Lingo,Nate-G,Pooh, Pas. Gomez, and Phildawg. Shouotouts 2 Heata thanx for everything bro and evrythin u taught me. Couldve not started without u bro!!And dont 4get KNYNE dat bro always down! GOD BLESS ALL OF YALL!!
Anything else?
Workin on a mixtape which includes different genres
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