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Herb'an music
Herb'an music
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Reggae roots, conscious pure and simple; Also a lot of new age steppers fusioned with anything that might sound right. Majority of songs are recorded in my anal
Jah quem te protege-Ras Bruno meets El Bib
As background, the most amazing mix you can imagine: Both traditional portuguese roots as well as the african roots Portugal had so spread after the 70's return and incoming expatriates and many of our african bredrins and sistren, with the colonies Portugal had, gained independecy ! Among that same culture brought from Africa( Angola and its kuduro vindo da banda; Cape Verde and its Criolo culture plus the zouk sexy sensual beats, Mozambique and its Marrabenta, sao Tome and Principe... Add some portuguese fado traditional roots, descending from the moors and arabic culture, very much like Flamenco's influences drank from the proximity with north africa. Ras Bruno has wrote, composed and produced throughout the years for love, while trodding always the struggle of the walk of life. But though the destinations is nothing but aspiration, the path is clear. Names, dates and achievements can be given, but Ras B prefers people to listen instead. So from Steppers inna UK style, Reggae roots from the foundation era, lots of dub and reverb... Guitar playing nna scratchy skank... Ras Bruno give thanks Raspect and enjoy the healing music and specially the roots provide ! Ras B/Herb'an Music
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yes ! Anywhere JAH calls I to !
Your musical influences
roots, a lot of african music(zouk,kizomba,among others)
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