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Habitual Beats Camp
Habitual Beats Camp
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Instrumental Hip-Hop based electronica
My name is Matt.. I live here in Nashua, NH. It's a shit place to live.. I have lived in worse places, but I have been in and out of here so many times.. Im tired of this damn place. There really isn't too much to do around here, most of the people I know are junkies of some sort. So, on that note.. I try and stay far away from all the drama and work on making my music better. There are some people that think it's fucked that I would rather stay home than go out and mingle with the fucks that live in this town. Im not about spending what little money I have buying random chicks cosmos, going out to clubs to hear the shit music they play... Yeah, yeah.. Im kind of a snob, so what?
Band/artist history
Born May 22, 1982 Very limited music theory knowledge Very limited audio engneering knowledge Been writing tracks since Oct 2006
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do not play live.. Not that I don't want to, it's just I cannot really see a market for the kinda stuff I write. I tend to go pretty out there sometimes, and most people don't really wanna think about what they are hearing. Thats why there is so much shit music out there, in my opinion of course.
Your musical influences
I started really getting into music around 5 or 6 years old, I first started listening to synth heavy prog rock. As a kid, I kinda went with the little phases that went on during the 90's and shit. Once 96-97 came along, I got hooked on just about anything electronic. I started mixing UK Hardcore or "Happy Hardcore" around 2001, did that until about late 2005. Some unfortunate incidents caused me to sell off the decks.. I didn't start "REALLY LISTENING" to music until about 4 years ago. When I look for music to listen to.. I will almost ALWAYS go for electronic stuff. Im not really all that into real sounding instruments. Im not too fond of how a real drum set sounds. Although, when it comes to anything out of an orchestra.. It's gotta be as real sounding as fucking possible. There is nothing worse then getting a Sf2 bank that sounds wack!!! (it's comparable to buying a bag of shit weed, you COULD use it, but you fuckin hope next time shit is straight) I have managed to locate a few soundfonts that I really like the sound of. As for influences, I would have to say life in Nashua is enough of an influence. I like "in your face" type stuff... Heavy square wave based synth bass, hard drums, vocal shots, snare fills, octave jumping strings... Almost better than sex! :D Surprisingly enough, I don't listen to alot of rap/hip-hop too much anymore. The way I see it, once you go grime... It's hard to go back.
What equipment do you use?
Currently, I am using FL Studio 6 (Producer Edition). Im looking into buying an M-Audio Firewire 410 and a MIDI keyboard of some sort. The only VST's I use are effects. Most of my music is made using samples and soundfonts.
Anything else?
Shouts go out to Alec in Trashua, Jon from Mass, Jess from Maine, Eric Scott, Thomas Test, DJ Mario B... All from NY, Pirate radio and online radio out of the UK, Germany, Belgium playing Grime/Dubstep/UKG. Most grime artists who continue to spread the sound, here in the states and abroad. (As you can see, I love grime!)
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