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Oscar Ortega
Oscar Ortega
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A perfect blend of styles from around the world.

ECLECTIC is the best way I could describe my music and my day to day life.
Oscar, who is of Guatemalan descent brought with him talent and love of music that spring from childhood of playing a variety of instruments since the age of 5. With inspiration from his heritage, Oscar put together a unique mix of heavy metal, clean guitar & mixed with a hint of Latin flavor. As the word gifted doesnt quite embrace his passion, Oscar gives his music a sound and depth not often heard in Rock music, creating a truly signature sound. MOTIVATION AND INSPIRATION Oscar feels his motivation and inspiration may be from his sub-conscience. What ever the inspiration may be, Oscar finds these qualities in everything from Art, Architecture, Life and other musicians. Ortega attributes most of his passion to his Father, a musician which has been playing for over 50 years and continues to learn and teach others. FUTURE GOALS Oscar Ortegas life goal, is to be able to express his thoughts and feelings thru his guitar and music, and to perform on stage worldwide. CURRENTLY He is currently working on his solo project, "Fruits of the Mourning" which includes guest appearances with other established musicians from the Treasure Valley. Oscar is also teaching guitar in the styles of Rock, Blues, Neoclassical, Shred and Flamenco.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
I do play live and do shows as a solo artist and with my band Kamphire Collective. I personally love playing my guitar and giving you something you arent used to. :)
Your musical influences
Incubus Audioslave Rage Against the machine Extincion SRV Jimi Hendrix Led Zepplin Steve Vai Joe Satriani Joe Pass BB king Albert King Buddy Guy Kiss ACDC Brazilian and Spanish Music (flamenco) Tool Francesco Fareri Eric Johnson Vinnie Moore Eric Clapton Los Lonely Boys Arturo Sandoval Rolando Ortega Chick Corea Frank Gambale Buena Vista Social Club Chucho Valdez Dream Theater Liquid Tension Iron Maiden ACDC Guns n Roses Poison Montley Crue Stone Temple Pilots Neil Mellor Velvet Revolver Metallica (the old stuff) Rush Yes John Coltrane Goo Goo Dolls Derick Trucks Tom Hess Vitalij Kuprij Chopin Bach Mozart Paganini...im missing alot of people but you get the idea ;-)
What equipment do you use?
Custom Carvin 747 Ibanez RG 7 String Gibson Sonex Deluxe-180 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Crate Blue Voodoo Marshal 4x12 amp D'addario Strings Jim Dunlop Guitar Picks Several Boss Pedals Yamaha 5 String Bass
Anything else?
Music is my escape from the world and it is my uncensored outlet, I can do and say what I need to express myself. Freedom Exists in Music. Oscar Ortega
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