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Trinity (777)
Trinity (777)
1 Track
Murder Musik on a cult level, This is what happens when a man combines a cult fanatic with a conspericie theroy buff..
So ya got hold of the disk, its got 3 7's on it right?, well shit hommie your onto some new shit. Now did ya listen to it?, i hope ya did cause that bitch was ment for you, it was passed out to people in the streets hand ta hand, it was passed off to you because you were ment to hear that thang, so listen, listen close too. Names Trinity a triple 7 threat and Im gonna say some sick shit, that shit other people are not going ta say, some fun tracks, some serious tracks, some just plain fucked up tracks that might make ya rethink the situation that your in in life but anyway... remember the name, TRINITY, triple 7
Band/artist history
Trinity started off as T2W (The two witnesses) back in like 2001 with Trinity and Havok. After traveling for awhile Havok sold out his belifes and decided to robb trinity blind in the middle of the night and dipp out the state, so trinity 777 was born, after writing and gettin this ball of music up and going. trinity created cultmusik out in the hills of Maryland while trippin on mushrooms. long story short, judaz (zeb) jumped up in this on his first day out the pen, was rearrested for some ill shit, and its brought me here, ive been passin out CD's for for awhile free at my cost to get my name out while im waiting on judaz ta come back out ta get these beats hittin but that a little bit of whats goin on
Have you performed in front of an audience?
i do basement shows to backyard shit, im waitin ta hit a stage till judaz gets free from his charges then youll see a show thats in the workz for years now..
Your musical influences
ICP... boondox all pyscopathic, immortal tecnique, NWA, NECRO, i keep my shit underground so thats what your gonna get.
What equipment do you use?
................. ha ...... yea.... whatever i need
Anything else?
its on man, im doin this no matter what, i got sommin new ta bring ta the table so im gonna bring this shit ta my best abilty