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Kamikazee Kids
Kamikazee Kids
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Growing up can bring some hard times, we know, we're experiencing it now. We like to vent listening to music, maybe you can vent listening to ours, about our pr
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hey! Hello all, and glad you are taking time out of your Important lives to witness the kamikazee kid experience. : We're 5 teenagers who all have a different musical background, compiling it all together to make a great punk/emo sound!
Band/artist history
Well here it goes! Theres 5 members in the Kamikazee Kids band. Jonathan;whos 16, plays bass guitar and sings lead vocals Frank;16 as well, plays lead guitar Chris;16 plays piano and manages us mostly Matt;17 plays drums and Mikey; 16 plays rythm guitar and sings backup vocals. I (Mikey) have been playing guitar for about 2 years now, and I met Jonathan at a dance class. Jonathan really wanted to get into music, and play bass guitar, so I taught him. We go to seperate Highschools and At Jonathans highschool, he met Matt, Frank, and Chris. Matt, Frank, and Chris were originally in a band together, and then pulled Jonathan in. They needed one more guitarist to give Frank less stress, so they came to my house with their instruments, we plugged in, and its been us since!
Your musical influences
My (Mikey's) musical influences consist of bands such as New Found Glory, Blink 182, Green Day, Unwritten law, Rancid, Nofx, Pennywise, CKY, Simple Plan, Ataris, Bad religion, Brand New, Taking back sunday, Dashboard confessional, The close i get, Story of the year, RUFIO, bowling for soup, Fountains of Wayne, The Movielife , Rx bandits, Catch 22, Box car racer, good charlotte,A.F.I, Scrublife Fame, Shai Hulud,Finch, The starting line, homegrown, Steel train, The early November, Alkaline trio, and my list could just go on forever. And pretty much, the whole bands influences fall into those.
Anything else?
We've only got one mp3 right now! but soon to have more, very soon! Please listen when we have mp3s up! :