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Dj 5witcHHitteR
Dj 5witcHHitteR
1 Track
industrial, noisy hiphop, random as sin
Paranoia Driver
Peak in sub-genre #96
The world is not yet ready for the excentric styles of Dj .5witcH.HitteR.
Band/artist history
Confused in genre, altered by designs, and quite possibly the most excentric and overly opinionated dj, musician, singer, songwriter, Dj .5witcH.HitteR.(born Jaimi Abrego) is a dj from the little spot unknown to the world named Jersey City, NJ. Born and raised in the "city of lost souls", Jaimi(who often calls himself .5witcH. or Reno) started out as a dj and a rapper(using the stage name "Dj Arrow") with his cousin, making their own house and hiphop mixtapes and handing them out on the streets of Manhattan. After a brief hiatus from music, he later emerged at a club in Newark, NJ called QXT's as an industrial/powernoize dj. He soon began making tracks again and writing lyrics. Currently, he is a member of a band called "CiviL DisturbancE" or "Code 10-49" for short, which stands for a police code used in NJ when a "Civil disturbance" or "Civil Disobedience" is reported. He is currently working on his own techno/industrial/powernoize EP that is predicted to be completed sometime in the fall of 2007.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Currently, I dj and run an event night in NYC called "Asylum Guild" with my brother Dj SoLiTuDe. Other than that, I haven't reached the level of performing my own music live.
Your musical influences
Well, I'm following in the footsteps of Cenotype, a Jersey based Industrial/Rhythmic Noise project front-lined by Lenny B. Long time friend who inspired me to try my hand at production.
What equipment do you use?
My favorite decks to use are the Pioneer CDJ-100s.
Anything else?
Um...I'm pretty random, and as you will see from my musical styling, I make little sense. :D