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Kitty Rivers
Just me. Songwriter looking for song contracts to fufill dream of hearing my songs on the radio.
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Grandmas Off Her Rocker
Granny's trying to relive her glory days.
I'm Trouble - by Breen - Rivers
Spindle Pricks - sung by Dusty Drake
The song has references to one FairyTale Nursery Rhyme & references to the classic Fairytales see if ya can pick them out. Matt H. - "Yoiks" on my profile page deserves lots of credit for the arrangement. Thanks to Dusty Drake for the vocals!
Falling_ Hopelessly
If You're Happy I'm.....
If You're Happy I'm Happy! No not really.
Hi! My name is Kitty. I'm not a band but I am an artist in the sense that I paint with words and the works of art are driven by the emotions in each person's mind. I've been writing lyrics/melodies since I was 19. I want people to hear the music I hear with my lyrics and so by opening myself up maybe I'll find what I'm looking for on this website & others.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Don't play live. But I'm not shy about singing my songs to anybody that expresses interest in them. Special moments? Probably everytime a complete stranger tells me my songs need to be on the radio and you know that their serious and it's not just friends or family being nice or partial.
Your musical influences
When I was young my influences were artists like Kenny Rogers, Loretta Lynn, Marty Robbins, Mickey Gilley and the like. And I still love them and listen to them but my heart has been influenced by Brad Paisley, Toby Keith, Blaine Larsen, Sugarland, Shedaisy, Jason Michael Carrol is an extreme favorite and of course the list would include George Strait, Alan Jackson....should I continue but if I had to choose one from the old and one from the new. It would Kenny Rogers & Jason Michael Carol.
What equipment do you use?
Computer programs
Anything else?
I am always looking for co-writer's whose strong suit is music because my strong suit is lyrics.
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