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Shattering Silence
Shattering Silence
1 Track
Metal/Thrash/Metalcore. Kicking Ass
The Devolution of Metal as you know it. The band thats breaking the sound-barrier near you.
Band/artist history
We are Shattering Silence. We used to be Mentality named for the lyrical stylings of Craig, But we all agreed to make a more intense name coming up with Shattering Silence. The band had originally started out as A Broken Sequence with an ex-bassist, Justing Gernondel. because of musical differences, the three decided to part ways. Still fired by the thought of playing live shows, Craig and Devin began playing covers for bands such as Local H, Nirvana, etc. but mostly Metallica and Alice in Chains. With the obvious need for a second guitarist, (with a lot of controversy and thought) we allowed a third member into the band, known as ''hey look at that hippie'' or AJ as we like to call him. And just recently added our permenent(knock on wood) bass player, Daniel or Pyro. We found him right here, thats right MySpace Biatch. Since then, we've been busting our asses at practicing cover songs and writing a few (RADICULOUS) songs. The lineup as of now is A.J. (The Shredder) Murphy, Devin (Layne Staley) Lupis, Craig (The Ripper) Seling, and now on bass Daniel (The Pyro) Whatley!. We all are singers, except for Pyro, as Devin and Craig also perform the mindblowing Growls that defy us as we are SATAN JAZZ!!! We've latley been performing covers from the early inspirations of sabbath all the way up to bands of today as is metallica as i lay dying and trivium. We take great influence from every band we've put through our amps and drums. And we usually play shows with our good friends and mentors Everyth, and good friends and influence Bravo Armada . GO TO SHOWS. WE PLAY BETTER WITH MORE PEOPLE AND MORE PEOPLE =MORE FUN AND MORE FUN=HAPPINESS AND HAPPIENESS= HAPPY CHICKS AND HAPPY CHICKS MEANS SOMEONE GETS LAID. SO GO TO THE SHOW WHO KNOWS MAYBE YOU'LL GET LAID.
Have you performed in front of an audience?
Yea we play plenty of shows. Its what we live for. Every time we do it is amazing.
Your musical influences
Alice In Chains, Trivium, All That Remains, As I lay Dying, Bullet For My Valentine, Bud Light, Heaven Shall Burn, Nirvana, Metallica, Pantera, Funyuns, Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, In Flames, Tool, Tenacious D!!!!!
What equipment do you use?
Anything else?
we like to party. in your pants.